Program activities

St. Cloud Access and Opportunity Center offers an array of pre-college programs devoted to addressing low numbers of

underrepresented students entering higher education.

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Somali Night-more than 150 Access and Opportunity Program students from South and North Jr. Highs and Tech and Apollo High Schools in St. Cloud attended Somali Night on the campus of St. Cloud State University on March 31, 2012 dancing

Spirit of Uganda

Students from Tech High attended the program which highlighted dance and music representing many regions of Uganda.


The traveling troupe is part of Empower African Children. The mission is to mentor and support Ugandan children and provide funding for education beyond the elementary level.


For more information see:

Spirit of Uganda

SCSU Perfoming Arts: South Jr. High students visited SCSU campus to tour the theatre department and learn about the variety of career opportunities in the performing arts.


Stage Management
Stage Design
and much more...there is more than meets the eye in putting on a performance.


Students participated in an Improv activity and had a fun time learning about "thinking on your feet" and creative performing.



The components of the project include:


Emphasis on Taking College Preparatory Courses


Encourage Student Enrollment in Post-Secondary Programs:

  • Advanced Placement

  • Senior-to-Sophomore

  • Post-secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

Enrichment Programs


Academic Support Programs


Informational Sessions on College Admissions and Financial Aid

  • Hands-on assistance with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)


Academic and Cultural Enrichment Programs


Orientation to College Life


Career and College Resource Center


Standardized Test Preparation Programs


Summer Programs and Services


Intensive English Language Learning


Summer Bridge and College Transition Programs

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