Service-Learning Course Component Designation Instructions

Why should you apply for a service-learning component designation within your course(s)?

  • To support students in making informed decisions when choosing courses
  • To document your involvement in the community for reasons of tenure and promotion
  • To allow colleagues interested or engaged in service-learning to network with you
  • To support your department and/ or school with data collected for assessment and promotion purposes
  • To support the university in collecting data for accrediting agencies such as Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Accreditation, Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement, the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Role, and more.
  • Because the process is easy!

What do you need to do?

What happens to the forms once they are submitted?

  • A faculty subcommittee of the Service-Learning Advisory Committee led by the Faculty Liaison for Service-Learning will review and endorse proposals. The sub-committee might contact you if clarification is necessary.
  • After the review is completed, the faculty liaison will facilitate having your course service-learning designation entered into the course registration system.
  • If you offer a course with a service-learning component repeatedly without changes, you can simply renew the service-learning designation by informing the Service-Learning Advisory Committee at

Complete the online Course Component Application

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