What Is UPB?

The University Program Board (UPB) is a university department, but it is also a student organization--that means it is run by students like you. UPB has full-time staff, which includes a Director (Jessica Lauritsen), an Assistant Director (Janice Courtney), and an Office Manager (Irene Bruemmer). 

  • There are eight committees in UPB, and each one has a specific function.  Each committee is comprised of SCSU students and one coordinator which runs the meetings (also a SCSU student). The coordinators are responsible for running the committee's weekly meetings, managing the committee budget, coordinating all of the committee's events, and much more. Go to the Committees page to learn more about individual committees.
  • UPB also has four executive members, who make up the Executive Board. There is a President, two Vice Presidents of Public Relations and a Vice President of Administration. These people are responsible for the overall function of the Board.
  • Coordinators and executives are selected during Spring Semester. A formal selection process with an application, interviews and team building is conducted in early Spring Semester. All board members' terms start at the conclusion of Spring Semester and will end at undergraduate commencement the following Spring Semester.
  • SCSU students make up the members of each committee. Committee members can put as much or as little time into the committee as they want. If you are interested in joining a committee, please stop by one of our meetings, or you can email any coordinator or upb@stcloudstate.edu
  • YOUR student activity fee dollars help pay for UPB events. You should be satisfied with events that we put on. If you're not, let us know! Our goal is to provide high-quality programming to SCSU students.
  • UPB is a member of the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA). NACA has evolved into the nation's largest collegiate organization for campus activities, with programs and services designed to reflect the field's increased responsibilities for student leadership development as well as entertainment programming. NACA's activities and services link the higher education and entertainment communities, providing a unique forum for business and professional development, information exchange and networking.
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