Student Organizations

UPB would like to get any and all SCSU Student Organizations involved in our programs as much as possible! There are several different ways for your organization to get involved…

  1. Attend UPB events

A neat way for your organization to get involved on campus and with UPB is to attend the events we program!

  1. Give us your input

UPB is run by students like you! We need student input on events that we bring. Please announce our events at your organizational meetings and give us any feedback. There are several ways to give us input:

  1. Join a committee. Information on 8 different programming committees.
  2. Fill out an Event Submission form (online or at any UPB event) if you have an idea!
  3. Fill out an Event Evaluation – if you want to give us feedback from any UPB event you attended.
  4. Send us an email
  5. Volunteer at events

An exciting way to promote your organization and help us is by volunteering at our events. Our events do not run themselves… they take a lot of dedication and hard work from MANY people!
Volunteer opportunities for your organization’s members are available!

  1. Plan an activity/event with us

Maybe you would like to create your own activity or event to coincide with ours… just let us know! We are open to organizations sponsoring their own activities and events that go with ours – we would just like to know the details before we can approve them.
There are two major opportunities for your organization to get involved with UPB’s events:

Atwood After Dark: Your organization can plan your own activity and have it be a part of Atwood After Dark. Your organization can also set up a table for your organization’s information.
If you have any questions, or want to get involved, please contact Renee Batholomes or Luke Hartog.

To get involved with other events that are programmed by UPB, please contact us at:
If you have any questions or would like to discuss your student organization's involvement with UPB, please contact us at or (320) 308-2205.


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