Travel Resources


Student organizations interested in travel (for conferences, service projects, events, etc.), please follow these guidelines for safe in-state, out-state and international travel within University guidelines.

These processes have been established to enhance your safety and that of others, as well as to protect university resources. Willful failure to follow these processes could be viewed as a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.


We highly recommend that you schedule a travel consultation with the staff within the Student Organizations Support, within the Department of Campus Involvement. Appointments may be held within the office, or a staff member can present at your student organization meeting. Appointments can be made by emailing:, calling (320) 308-3094.

Advisors are not required to travel with organization.

Complete the following forms and processes (as needed):

Travel Information

When planning a trip outside of the United States (International), student organizations are subject to University and MnSCU board policy regarding international travel. No travel may be made to countries under a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning unless prior approval has been obtained.

Atwood Vans (7 and 12 Passenger) Reservations
Enterprise Reservations

Recommended forms:

It is essential that student organizations plan in advance of their trips. It's never too early to schedule a consultation with a Student Organization Support staff member. We're here to help!

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