Student Organization Timeline

August- September

  • Participate in Mainstreet and recruit new members, promote your club and events.
  • Complete the annual registration for your club.
  • Attend required workshops to be informed about benefits, privileges and new policies to student organization.
  • Meet with your organization's adviser if you haven't met them.
  • Attend Treasurer Clinics to learn about using funds received from Student Government, contracting process to bring in speakers or entertainers, making purchases, getting reimbursements and more. (This is required for ANY organization that RECEIVED budget from Student Government for the current academic year).
  • Contact the Department of Campus Involvement to check the status of your organization's annual registration.
  • Contact the students who signed up to join your club during Mainstreet.
  • Plan your first meeting. Welcome new members to the club and get them excited about your organization.


  • Plan and schedule for events that you want to organize during the year.
  • Enter the events in CollegiateLink.
  • Organize events as you planned. For any questions regarding bringing in speakers or entertainers, travel and reimbursements, contact the Department of Campus Involvement.
  • Participate in community services and volunteering.


  • Attend Budget Training Clinic to get tips on how to make effective budget proposals. (This is required for ANY organization that WANTS to apply for budget from Student Government for the next academic year).
  • Encourage members to actively participate in the club.


  • Plan for next year's budget.
  • Submit a budget proposal to Student Government. The budget due date will be communicated to club officers by the Department of Campus Involvement and will also be available in
  • Register your club for Sidestreet in January.

January and February

  • Hold meetings with your club members and reflect what you did the last semester as a club and how/what you would like to contribute and benefit in the coming days.
  • Participate in Sidestreet. Continue getting people interested in your club.
  • Continue to recruit new members and start looking for new officers.
  • Think about nominating your organization, members, officers and adviser for a Student Organization Award.


  • Encourage members to actively participate in the club.
  • Organize events as you planned in the beginning of the year.
  • Start looking for members who will be willing to fill officer positions.
  • Hold election to appoint new officers.


  • Train new officers in book-keeping, budgeting, completing forms for a smooth transition.
  • Reconcile all of your student organization's financial records, pay all your bills and make sure you have money in your account for any bills over the summer.
  • Organize your officer files and resources and pass information and supplies to new officers.
  • Change the contact information in the student organization account as you elect new officers.
  • Review your organization's constitution and bylaws. Update if necessary to reflect current practices.


  • Recognize valuable organization members and show your appreciation to them for all their hard work and dedication.
  • Review year's success, accomplishments and areas for improvement.
  • Register for Mainstreet.


  • Stay in contact with organization members.
  • Brainstorm program/event ideas for the fall.
  • Make marketing and recruitment plans for fall.
  • Check your organizational e-mail account for important announcements and updates.
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