Smooth Transition

A smooth transition is the responsibility of both the outgoing and incoming members of an organization, working closely with the advisor. Successfully transitioning your club acts as a means to provide training for new officers, closure for outgoing leaders, and helps the organization maintain consistency from year to year”.

Tips for a smooth transition

Why is transitioning important?

  • Gives an opportunity to transfer important organizational information/knowledge to incoming officers
  • Allows new officers to start from where the previous leaders left
  • Helps them to learn some of the special skills of the outgoing leaders
  • Avoids confusion of leadership change among members
  • Reduces loss of energy, action and accomplishment of the club
  • Provides a sense of continuity and stability among the members
  • Boosts up the new officers’ confidence
  • Gives a sense of achievement and closure to the outgoing officers

How do I transition new officers?

  • Look out for potential leaders in your organization early on
  • Encourage them to be involved in the club through personal contact
  • Share with them the benefits of leadership
  • Help them develop the necessary skills to be effective leaders
  • Delegate responsibilities to them
  • Hold election about a month before the term of the existing officers ends
  • This gives ample time to transfer knowledge to the incoming officers
  • Hold orientation for the new officers so they understand their roles
  • Explain them about their job responsibilities
  • Hold informal meetings between the incoming and outgoing officers so they can transfer the knowledge and information they have about the club
  • Give them files, manuals, policies that will help them to function properly
  • Share with them reports containing completed projects, continuing projects and projects the club wants to do in the future
  • Make sure you hand them a balanced account book
  • Tell them about the accounts the club has in school and how much money you have in there
  • Give them receipts, invoices that will help them understand how the club’s  budget was used
  • Tell the new officers about the club’s tradition
  • Acquaint them with the club’s office (if you have one), supplies and equipments
  • Introduce them to advisors, CSOLD staff and other student organizations the club works with frequently
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