Responsibilities of a Student Organization Advisor

In assuming the role of student organization adviser, it is inherent that the adviser accept and agree to fulfill these responsibilities in the manner listed below:

  • Serve as the official person responsible for the budget, including signing financial forms, budget requests, etc.
  • Take an active role in advising the student organization.
  • Know the general purpose of the organization and be familiar with all provisions outlined in its constitution or by-laws, and review the constitution annually with the organization membership. 10
  • Meet with the organization president on a regular basis (at least twice each month is recommended as the minimum requirement).
  • Attend organization meetings and events.
  • Remain informed of all activities sponsored and conducted by the student organization.
  • Establish with the student organization president the manner in which the adviser will participate in the organization’s activities; i.e., programs, social events, recruitment and new member activities, and meetings.
  • Know the officers and members of the organizations.
  • Be familiar with the status of the current membership of the organization.
  • Know the organization’s process for obtaining new members.
  • Offer guidance to the organization on goal setting, organization management, program planning, problem solving, and group evaluation.
  • To be knowledgeable of and adhere to University policies and procedures which pertain to student organizations and to inform the student organization officers and members of their responsibilities.
  • Be knowledgeable of policies and procedures listed in the St. Cloud State University Student Code of Conduct.
  • Review with the student organization membership the policies and procedures listed in the St. Cloud State University Student Code of Conduct.
  • Report immediately to CSOLD any activities that may or will violate University policies.
  • Review and adhere to the policies in the Student Organization Policy Guidebook
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