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The Panhellenic Association is the governing council of sororities. When you join one of the four sororities at St. Cloud State University, you become a member of the Panhellenic Association. The "Panhellenic Spirit" unites every sorority woman regardless of individual chapter affiliation. The Panhellenic Association serves as the governing body for the four sororities and strives to connect chapter members, strengthen their values and promote common goals.

For information on joining a sorority, please contact the Vice President of Membership and Growth, Tiffany Jessen at

Fall Recruitment will be September 17th-20th! Registration will begin in May of 2014.


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Panhellenic Council Executive Members:

President's Pciture
Vice President of Adminsitration's Picture
Vice President of Membership and Growth's Picture

Mimi Sirian

Vice President of Administration:

Jessica Levy

Vice President of Membership and Growth:

Tiffany Jessen

  Vice President of Programming's Picture Recruitment Assistant's Picture
Vice President of Programming:

Chelsea Zettler

Recruitment Assistant:

Kayla Coronella


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