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Fraternity/Sorority Leadership Fall 2007

(Time and Location to be determined)


President's Forum will examine organizational theory, leadership styles, decision-making techniques, and communication skills, with an opportunity to apply learning during classroom discussions and in chapter operations.

Students will:

  1. Discuss styles and roles of leadership;
  2. Develop leadership skills and techniques required to work with Greek letter organizations;
  3. Identify current issues facing fraternities and sororities;
  4. Identify methods of resolving conflict and of aiding communication; and
  5. Discuss ethical considerations need to be an effective leader.
  6. Examine Leadership Identify Development


This forum will review the history of Greek letter organizations since their founding in 1776 and will begin to formulate and develop policies, opinions, guidelines and/or plans for enhancing the strengths of the SCSU Fraternity & Sorority community as it enters the new millennium – eliminating/overcoming its challenges and improving the community’s impact on campus and in the larger community. We will address such issues as community building, safety, public relations and respect for individual members, while reinforcing the common goals of each chapter.
Through presentations, discussions, readings and projects, this course will assist students in the development of their own approaches to effective leadership for the 21st century. Furthermore, the course seeks to facilitate the growth and self-awareness of each person as they look at leadership and its relation to themselves and their community at large.

The forum will rely primarily on group activities and discussions. Some topics will be introduced through presentation


  1. To study the concept of Greek leadership and understand that leadership is a process based on relationships with people;
  2. To understand the moral responsibilities of leadership;
  3. To provide an experience that exposes students to critical thinking, creative problem solving, individual and organizational behavior, motivation, conflict management, negotiation, communication skills, and other related subjects;
  4. To increase students’ awareness of their own leadership style and effectiveness;
  5. To increase students’ awareness of the role the Fraternity & Sorority community plays in the SCSU structure and the support systems provided to the Greek community by the campus;
  6. To examine the Fraternity & Sorority Community Mission Statement, Academics, New Member Bill of Rights, Anti-Hazing Agreement, and Ethics Agreement and begin the implementation of selected areas in these documents;
  7. To challenge students to think about and analyze assumptions behind pre-existing ideas and methods;
  8. To provide the opportunity for students to express themselves clearly, both orally and in writing;
  9. To analyze relevant data, documents and readings; and
  10. To gain an understanding of other Greek communities in comparison to the one at SCSU.

Expectations of Presidents:

  1. To actively participate in group discussions;
  2. To complete assignments in a thorough and timely fashion;
  3. To complete regular readings from assigned publications;
  4. To attend forum sessions;
  5. To maintain and regularly check an email account.
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