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Hazing & Risk Management

Safety, Education & Risk Management is a hallmark to our Values. Crisis management must also be practiced. the following resources are imperative in supporting a safe and healthy F/S experience.



Fraternities & Sororities are values based organizations.


FIPG FOCUS on EDUCATION/ FIPG Policy on Education

Each fraternity shall annually instruct its students and alumni/alumnae advisors in the Risk Management Policy of FIPG, Inc. Additionally, all student and alum Advisors members shall annually receive a copy of said Risk Management Policy.

Preventing, reducing and eliminating risk within our fraternity and sororities can be accomplished through the process of education. Only a few of our members are keenly aware of the necessity for risk management. With these thoughts in mind, educating our members is critical and must be ongoing.


1. Explanation of General Fraternity Insurance Coverage and Risk Management Policy

2. Criminal Liability Education/Basic Legal Concepts

3. Alcohol and Drug Abuse

4. Fire Prevention

5. Gender Violence & Assault

Risk Manager. The risk manager has the responsibility of developing and implementing the risk management program for the chapter. The risk manager should serve as chairman of the Risk Management Committee.

Responsibilities include developing an educational program that includes a general risk management review for members and new members each semester, raising awareness of special risk management issues with members, working with other officers to developing and maintain a Crisis Management Plan, meeting regularly with other chapter officers to ensure compliance of all events with FIPG policy, and advising the chapter president and/or other officers of any situations or conditions that place the chapter, its members, employees or guests at risk.

Finally, the risk manager may be called upon to work with the chapter president to investigate accidents, situations and occurrences within 24 hours and preparing a report to the general fraternity and the house corporation.

What is FIPG?

The letters FIPG have become well-known throughout the Greek community. It is clear that our one-page risk management policy has become the standard for nearly every greek organization. In fact, there are currently 47 Greek-letter men's and women's fraternities that are FIPG members and who have based their risk management policies on the FIPG policy. But FIPG has much more to offer than a risk management policy. Our goal is to be the one-stop resource for risk management education, beginning first with our member organizations, but eventually extending to undergraduates and college and university professionals.

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