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Bartt Gevens
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Thank you for considering Atwood Memorial Center located on the campus of St. Cloud State University for your wedding. We believe that every event has its own personality and should be treated that way. We are dedicated to making sure your vision comes to life and are committed to meeting your needs with unparalleled service.

Atwood has some ideal facilities for both the ceremony and reception.

  • Ballroom: Large 12,000 square foot ballroom with a wood floor that can accommodate large weddings over 500. The ballroom also works well for smaller weddings that prefer to have a dance and meal in the same venue.
  • Cascade Room: At almost 3,000 square feet this is our next most popular room that can accommodate smaller sit down receptions up to 192. This elegant second level room has stunning maple wood walls and large windows overlooking the campus.

In addition to these popular venues we have other rooms of various sizes that can also be used for your wedding and reception. Our venues can be booked anytime of the year, but our larger rooms are generally more available during the summer months.

Facility Charges

  • Ballroom: $550
  • Cascade: $350
  • Other Rooms: charge based on size of room

Charges include:

  • room use up to five hours
  • on-site Building Manager
  • Information Desk attendant
  • in-house technical equipment
  • student technician
  • decoration time (based on availability)
  • room set up, take down and clean up
  • tables, chairs and stage