Catering & Wedding Receptions FAQs

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How can I reserve a room?

Please use our simple on-line room request form. Room details for each room can also be found on the Atwood room details page. Call 320-308-2075 or email with questions.

Is insurance required for Wedding receptions?

No. Insurance is required at many venues, but in the Atwood Memorial Center we make this process much simpler by requiring only a signed contract and a small deposit.

Can I use an outside caterer?

No. We are fortunate to have our own in-house catering with Chartwells. Chartwells will work with you to prepare your menu just the way you want it.

What options are available for wedding cakes?

You are welcome to bring in your own wedding cake or ask us for options that we can provide. Chartwells will be glad to provide you with cake cutters for a $20 fee, as well as any additional sheet cake you may need.

Where can the guests park?

We are proud to say that parking isn’t a problem here. A 500 space parking ramp is located just west of Atwood Memorial Center. Street parking is allowed on some city streets (restrictions are posted). Check the visitor parking page for more information and directions.

When can I decorate?

The Conference and Scheduling Office will work with you to establish a time for you to access the room for decorations. Our staff will work with any professional decorator if you choose to hire one. Candles are allowed, but the flame must be contained in a glass or fireproof container that will collect the wax and be as least as high as the flame. Decorations must be removed at the end of the event unless special arrangements can be made with the Conference and Scheduling Office. Tablecloths and table skirting can be requested with any catering order. Other tables such as a gift table(s) can be skirted and covered by request for no additional charge.  Our round tables are 60” wide and can accommodate 6-8 guests.

Is Atwood Memorial Center handicapped accessible?

The larger venues are located on the second level and are serviced by three elevators. One service elevator located adjacent to the loading dock and back hallway of the ballroom plus two public elevators.

What technical equipment is available?

Each venue has a detailed description of the available equipment built into the room. There is no additional cost for the use of our built in equipment such as CD player, DVD player, microphones, internet access, house sound system and dimmable lighting. Guests are also welcome to bring their own technical equipment. More information can be found at

What staff is available to assist with wedding plans?

Our Professional Scheduling staff will work with you to schedule and make arrangements for the room setup. The day of the event a Building Manager will be in the building for the entire time. There is an Information Desk attendant stationed on the main level anytime the building is open to help answer questions and direct guests. The catering staff will also have a catering manager on site. Trained Public Safety Officers are available on campus 24/7 to assist with any emergencies.