2013 Student Testimonials

Stephanie Crandall - Sophomore
Political Science/Psychology
Swim Team Captain

My experience at St. Cloud State University has benefitted extensively from ability to obtain scholarships through athletics and academics. They have given me the unique opportunity to not work giving me an incredible connection to this University. As a result of my scholarships I have been able to get involved in multiple student associations. They have also allowed me to really focus on academics and my experience as a husky athlete. My scholarships have also given me an unbelievable chance to pursue internships that will benefit my career and my life. Not only do these scholarships aid my academics and athletics, but they also allow me to enjoy my overall college experience. I have the time to attend and support my fellow Husky athletes at all the games and competitions. Scholarships have helped me keep the husky spirit blazing! Scholarships are vital and have positively shaped my experience as a Husky. They have allowed me to give back to the University that has given so much to me.

Carl Teahan - Senior
Counseling and Community Psychology

I was awarded the Pamela Weiss Memorial Scholarship.  This scholarship helped me purchase books and pay for gas to get to school as well as a few other things to help me get by. Being a non-traditional fulltime student and having so many responsibilities makes going to school very hard. I believe that scholarships are very beneficial to many students by helping them get through a tough recession and hard times. School is so very expensive and ever little bit helps.

Melissa K. Elsen - Junior
Elementary Education Student
University Honors Club President

My St. Cloud scholarship has helped my life at school tremendously. I am able to spend more time focusing on my academics rather than working. It has also given me a boost to do more around campus since it was rewarded to me for my campus involvement.

Nathan Fischer - First Year
Criminal Justice

The James W. Miller Family Scholarship I received this school year has helped me tremendously. It has given me the ability to focus on schoolwork and not worry about funding my academics by working full time. I have also been able to participate in on-campus events during the weekends and weekdays without a busy work schedule conflicting with my academic career. I am more than thankful for receiving such a special gift. I hope to be a proud donor of a scholarship to help a student succeed as I have.


2012 Student Testimonials

Ashley ShieldsKaty Jo Bates
Class of 2010
Major: Marketing

My involvement at St. Cloud State University has allowed me to grow as a student leader and gain valuable skills through hands-on experiences. I am currently pursuing a master's in counseling and serve as a graduate assistant for a new alcohol awareness program called U-Choose. I am very grateful for all of the support and contributions by those who have made it possible for me to receive such a rewarding experience here at St. Cloud State University.

Brian MuellerPatrick Hancock
Class of 2011
Major: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

I am grateful for the student scholarships that I have received here at St. Cloud State and I am inspired by your generosity.  Your gifts have enabled me to continue my education and achieve my dreams.  I look forward to the day that I will have an opportunity to contribute to other students’ education as you have done for me.  Thank you for your gifts!

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