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Business Serivces

[Purchasing] [Professional/Technical Contracts] Individual Service Agreement (ISA)

Most requests for Consulting or Instructional Services under $3,000 are processed using a St. Cloud State University Individual Service Agreement (ISA) form (doc). The ISA is for situations where there is only one all inclusive payment for the vendor to be processed and mailed after the event.  The standard contract form, SCSU003, may be used for contracts of any value but is required for those over $3,000 or those containing travel or expense reimbursements to the vendor.


  1. Enter your purchase order request through PCS using object code 15XX, 1910 or other appropriate object code. The description must always include the type of performance or presentation, duties, date(s), location and the social security number of the individual.
  2. Complete the Individual Service Agreement (ISA) form prior to the event or performance. Be sure to complete all fields of the form in order to avoid processing delays.
  3. Indicate in the PCS memo that the ISA form will be sent to Business Services after the event or presentation has taken place.  This lets us know which contract you are using and which process need to be followed.
  4. Release your purchase order/ISA request to the Purchasing Department (050) status. The entry into PCS prior to the signing of the contract encumbers your obligation, thus avoiding a M.S. 16A violation.
  5. Once the order is at the 050 status, the ISA can be sent to the vendor for their signature.  The vendor will need to sign and return this form prior to the event for liability purposes.  Their signature must be original (not faxed) as this is a contract.  Meanwhile, once the PO is approved, it will be at 450 status.  It will be printed and sent to your department.  The original can be used for your file copy or given to the vendor as a confirmation of the event to take place.
  6. IMPORTANT! You must always make sure you have the original PO in hand or at least that the order is in the 450 status prior to the event.  If not, you should be tracking it down to avoid the 16A violation.
  7. After the ISA obligation is complete, the Authorized Account Representative should sign the ISA form and submit it to the Purchasing Department for payment.  If you’ve promised the vendor payment within a certain amount of time, you must hand carry the form to accounts payable and let them know.  Otherwise, it will go through normal payment processing.


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