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Business Serivces

[Purchasing] [Purchasing Manual] Helpful Hints & Reminders


To expedite matching your attachments to the correct purchase order, please use the suggested format below to staple to your documents before sending them to pre-audit in Purchasing:


TO: Purchasing Department Pre-Audit



Central Receiving

All merchandise received in Central Receiving will require a printed purchase order prior to the merchandise being released to departments. Merchandise received in Central Receiving without a purchase order number, will be held in Receiving until a purchase order is released or a memo is sent stating the merchandise will not be paid using university funds. You can fax your memo to extension 8-4139. Occasionally, shipments are picked up or delivered directly to departments. When this occurs, notify Receiving at extension 8-4713 as soon as possible so payments can be processed.

Certificates of Insurance

A certificate of insurance for liability and workers compensation is required whenever a vendor is on campus to repair, remodel, deliver, install, etc.

Equipment Purchases

Individual items over $10,000 are categorized equipment purchases (object code 4000.) Individual items under $10,000 are considered supply items (object code 3000.) Equipment and sensitive items will be recorded by Inventory. If you have any questions regarding inventory, contact extension 8-4002.

Fax – Purchasing

Quotes can be faxed to Purchasing at 8-4175. Be sure to reference the purchase order number on the document you are faxing.

Invoice Attached

There are some instances when invoices can be direct pays or “invoice attached.” This includes memberships and subscription renewals. For instance, when there is no purchasing card for the account being used. Invoice attached purchases do not go through the PCS or Receiving. Departments submit a Payment Request (1400 form) with the invoice attached. These are considered accounts payable and are simply disbursed. Whenever possible, it is in your best interest to process a purchase order to avoid illegitimate and/or unauthorized purchases which could become your personal obligation.

Maintenance Agreements, Subscriptions

All maintenance agreements and new subscriptions (if no purchasing card for the account) must be entered into the Purchase Control System. Although most of these purchases are addressed directly to the departments, most of the follow-up information, (addendums, renewal notices and data safety materials) are received by Business Services. This makes it much easier to locate and notify the departments. When entering a new subscription, be sure to include the “send to” address in the description of the purchase order as follows:

Send To:
St. Cloud State University
“Your Building Code and Room Number”
720 4th Avenue South
St. Cloud, MN 56301-4498

Do not include a person’s name in the address. Indicate only the building code and room number.

Be sure to indicate the purchase order number on all correspondence you will be sending to the Purchasing Department.

For renewals of subscriptions see above--"Invoice Attached".

Memo Screen

Use the memo screen to make notes to yourself or to someone in Purchasing. Notes written in the memo will not print on the final purchase order. However, when duplicating purchase orders, be sure not to duplicate the memo as your notes most likely will not be relevant to the new purchase order.

Number of Items on a PO Request

Please limit the number of line item entries to twenty (20) per purchase order request. Too many items make it difficult for Receiving and Accounts Payable to track backorders and missing pieces. In many cases, an invoice must be held for payment until all items are received.


M.S. 16A.41, Subd. 1, prohibits the State from paying in advance. The State can only make prepayments on items such as subscriptions for newspapers, magazines and the Library of Congress. If the vendor requires prepayment, you must provide the prepayment terms along with the description of the items and amount from the vendor.

Printed Purchase Orders

After your purchase order request has been printed, Purchasing will send the original purchase order to the department and forward the receiving copy to Central Receiving.
Be sure to make a copy for your files before you mail, fax or phone your order.

Important: Do not call vendors with the purchase order number before receiving the printed purchase order. This is an unauthorized purchase and can cause duplicate shipments.

Note: Always be sure to notify the Receiving Department at extension 8-4713 when you pick up an order or if something is delivered to you by someone other than the Receiving Department. After Receiving is notified, they will send the receiving copy to Purchasing. If this step does not take place, the invoice cannot be processed and may cause a late payment. Accounts Payable has no way of knowing the items have been received and are ready for payment unless this step is completed.

Targeted/Economically Disadvantaged Vendor Preference

1990 Minnesota Legislature passed a bill to establish a program for Targeted and Economically Disadvantaged small businesses. Businesses must be registered with the State to be considered for preference. Upon certification, Targeted businesses are eligible for a 6% preference and Economically Disadvantaged businesses are eligible for a 4% preference. To get a list of vendors for the commodity you are requesting, contact extension 8-3136.


Employee registration and other travel related expenses should not be processed in PCS. Call 8-4005 for travel information and/or guidelines.

Xerox/Canon/Sharp Copier Supplies

When calling these vendors for copier supplies covered under a maintenance agreement, please be sure the vendor references the original purchase order number when sending these supplies. Central Receiving will need the purchase order number to identify the department to which the supplies belong.


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