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Copier Rental Agreements (On State Contract)

Contract rental agreements are negotiated by the Department of Administration for the State of Minnesota for our use.  Current contract information can be obtained by contacting Susan Nelson at ext. 8-6463.  However, you will need to contact your vendor of choice to obtain a quote. 

When entering your initial purchase order description please include the following:

Line item #1--New (list the number of months) month rental agreement of a (list the brand and model number) copier to include (list options added other than standard which affect the monthly rental charge such as finishers and extra trays).   Maintenance to include (list the number of copies) per month with overages at (list cost per copy charge) per copy. 

Be sure your PO shows the correct rental period so that at the end of your agreement you are certain of the expiration date to avoid billing issues.  For example, you could include the following language: 

This purchase order is for the period of July 1, 20xx-June 30, 20xx and is for months 1-12 of 48.  Or, this purchase order is for the period of October 1, 20xx-June 30, 20xx and is for months 1-9 of 48. 

Your PO must also include your departmental contact name, phone number and location of the machine.  This should be added at the end of your description so it is easily found.

For order approval, submit an itemized contract quote from your copier vendor.  It must show the contract number, base rental rate, any options with additional costs and the maintenance costs all separated out to show how they arrived at the total monthly rate you were quoted.  When the PO is approved, I will fax the order to the vendor and send the original to you for your records.

Once your copier is installed, it is important to enter the install date in the memo of your PO.  You may also email me with a request to change your PO to reflect the actual install date so that the dates and months of the rental are correct.  The following fiscal year, you will duplicate your purchase order changing the beginning of the PO from the word “New” to “Continuation of” and updating the dates and months of the rental.

As always, do not sign anything for vendors regarding agreements as our purchase order is the contract in this case.

Copier Rental Agreements (Not on State Contract)

Offers from vendors for machines not on state contract, promotional or better price than state contract, etc… will require the signing of an agreement.  Please be aware that you do not have the authority and should not be signing any agreements for the University.  Since in this case you are not working with a state contract, you will need to secure two quotes unless the total of the rental (over the life of the agreement) is under $15,000.  In addition, if the rental is for more than 1 year (the current fiscal year), you must secure the approval from the Administrative Affairs Office as this agreement would involve obligating future fiscal funding.  This step is not needed with state contract rentals because there is a “funding out” clause included in those contracts.  Once you have the approval and the quotes, you will enter the purchase order referencing in the memo that the quotes, approval and agreement are forthcoming. 

If you have questions on the above or any of the purchasing policies and procedures, please do not hesitate to call me, Susan Nelson at ext 8-6463.


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