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Wick Science Building Annex

A suite of three modern, well designed classrooms for courses in Anatomy and Physiology and a new Tutoring Center are part of the new annex to the Wick Science Building.  The center piece of the suite is the operating theater/classroom.  This room includes full access to the internet and multimedia sources, a high resolution digital camera for opaque notes and transparencies, and a moveable, overhead surgical visualization camera and lighting system.  The facility makes it possible for an entire class of about 24 students to observe anatomical demonstrations and surgeries.   Secure storage for anatomical materials is provided by a second room and the third room is a modern laboratory for anatomy and physiology.   The Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory is a “smart” classroom that allows us to project physiological recordings obtained by our computerized data acquisition equipment.  To be able to demonstrate and discuss an EKG, for example, in real time in such a way that the entire class can see is a step forward.   Adjacent to the Anatomy and Physiology Suite is the Biology Tutoring Center (WSB 202-1).   This room provides an area where TAs and tutors can meet with students to discuss assignments and questions that arise.  The close proximity of the Tutoring Center to the Anatomy and Physiology Suite is particularly convenient for many students.

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