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Biology Seminar Series

2013-2014 Seminars

All seminars are open to the public. They are held in Wick Science Building, Room 125 at noon unless otherwise noted.

Spring 2014

Monday, January 27
Dr. Austin Pitcher - Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons: "From Omics to Ortho: One Guy's Experience after SCSU" (SCSU Alum) in WSB 122 - CANCELED
Monday, February 10 Mallory Danford - NDSU Master of Public Health Program: "The Role of Public Health in Managing Infectious Diseases" (SCSU Alum) in WSB 125
Thursday, March 6 Ruben Michael Ceballos, Ph.D., University of Minnesota-Morris: "From Extremophile Virus-Host Interactions to Biofuels Enhancement: The Story of an Archaeon, its Viruses, and its Proteins" in WSB 124
Monday, March 17 Ryan Fink, Ph.D., University of Minnesota: "Microbiology and Omics: Research and Training"
Wednesday, March 19 Jeremiah Johnson, Ph.D., University of Michigan Medical School: "Using 'Omics' approaches to indentify Campylobacter jejuni factors that influence chicken commensalism" CANCELED
Thursday, March 20 Lynne R. Prost, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison: "Receptor Proteins at the Host-Pathogen Interface" in WSB 122
Monday, March 24 Rochelle Elfelt, SCSU Senior Thesis Presentation: "Female Mate Choice Copying in Domestic vs. Wild Poecilia Latipinna"
Monday, April 7 Carol Jansky, SCSU Senior Thesis Presentation: "Tree Swallow Sex Allocation and Population Dynamics"
Thursday, April 10 David Janetski, Ph.D., Grand Valley State University: "Ecological Roles of Migratory Fish in the Great Lakes Ecosystem" 11:00 am in WSB 122
Friday, April 11 Theresa Cacek, SCSU Senior Thesis Presentation: "Evolving Attitudes about Evolution in Biology Students at Saint Cloud State University"
Monday, April 14 Richard Kramer, SCSU Senior Thesis Presentation: "Expression and Characterization of lytic Staphylococcus aureus phage proteins in Escherichia coli"
Tuesday, April 15 Peter Konstantinidis, Ph.D., College of William & Mary: "Evolution, Ontogeny & the Diversity of Fisheries" 12:00 in WSB 122
Friday, April 18 Devin Bloom, Ph.D., University of Kansas: "Transitions between Marine and Freshwaters in Fishes: Evolutionary Pattern and Process" 10:30 am in WSB 119
Friday, April 18 Bill Heikkila, SCSU Senior Thesis Presentation: "Endocrine Active Compounds: Transgenerational Effects of Larval Estrogenic Exposures"
Monday, April 21 Nate Metzger, SCSU Senior Thesis Presentation: "Regulation of PGC-1: A Family of Proteins implicated in Metabolic Disorders"
Friday, April 25 Nancy Rolstad, SCSU Senior Thesis Presentation: "The Effects of Ubiquitin Ligase EDD on the Transcriptional Coactivator PGC-1 alpha"
Monday, April 28 Marin Olson, SCSU Senior Thesis Presentation: "The Effects of p,p'-DDE on Development of Type 1 Diabetes in NOD Mouse Model"
Friday, May 2 Rhonda Zimmerman, SCSU Senior Thesis Presentation: "The Effects of Fragmentation on Old-Growth Forest Species"
Monday, May 5 Helmie D. Teketay, SCSU Senior Thesis Presentation: "Aframomum melegueta (Alligator Pepper) Effects on Reproduction in Rats"
Friday, May 9 Matthew Davis, Ph.D., University of Kansas: "Deep-Sea Fishes: Evolution of Bioluminescence and its Impact on Speciation" in WSB 124
Wednesday, May 14 Michael Bessert, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Stout: "Through the Genetic Looking Glass: Molecular Ecology and Conservation of North American Native Fishes" in WSB 124

Past Seminars

2013-14 Seminars

Fall 2013
Friday, Sept . 6
Michael Bennett - SCSU
Monday, Oct. 14 Dr. Terry Shors - University of Wisconsin
Monday, Nov. 18 Peter Duerkop - SCSU
Friday, Nov. 22 Dr. Takashi Maie - SCSU
Friday, Dec. 13 Kayla Malone - SCSU (WSB 107)

Invasive Species Seminar Series
All talks located in Wick Science Building, Room 212 at 11:00.

Thursday, Nov. 14 Laura Van Riper, Terrestrial Invasive Species Coordinator, MN DNR. DNR Invasive Programs
Tuesday, Nov. 19 Kayla Malone, SCSU. Restoration Projects
Thursday, Nov. 21 John Maile, Natural Resources Manager Env. Conservation, MN National Guard, Camp Ripley. Camp Ripley Projects
Tuesday, Dec. 3 Monica Chandler, Plant Protection Division, Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture. Biological Control
Thursday, Dec. 5 Joe Eisterhold, Aquatic Invasive Specialist Northwest Region, MN DNR. Aquatic Invasive CANCELLED
Tuesday, Dec. 10 Tim Notch, Training Area Coordinator, Environmental Conservation, MN National Guard, Camp Ripley. Mechanical Control

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