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The department offers a number of majors leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree.  The majors cover aquatic biology, general biology, biology teaching, biotechnology, biomedical sciences, cell biology, and ecology and field biology. These curricula are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in biology as well as providing the opportunity for specialization.  The departmental faculty is responsible for the development of these majors and the majority of the teaching.  In addition, the faculty encourages undergraduate student involvement in research in their laboratories and field projects

The department over the past five years has evaluated our courses and programs to better meet the needs of students; this in an ongoing process, so changes will be made in the future, contact advisors for most current information. This guide is a "snapshot" of our current program requirements. It is very important that you make contact with an academic advisor the first semester you enroll in courses designed for any of the programs listed in this handout. The programs require careful planning to ensure you take courses in a timely fashion and have the correct prerequisites needed to graduate "on-time".

Biology Teaching (66 credits + 36 credits in Education)

This program provides the background required by State of Minnesota science-content and science education licensure standards for science teachers in grades 5-8 and life science teachers grades 9-12. All students interested in science teaching must complete both the 5-8 science teaching core and a 9-12 science content emphasis.  Students considering this major are encouraged to contact the science education adviser in the Department of Biological Sciences at the earliest opportunity.  In addition to your science courses, all teaching license candidates must complete additional education courses, offered through the School of Education. Please contact your adviser for a complete listing of all required courses.

Biotechnology (87 credits)

Program is recommended for students interested in biotechnology. Students may seek employment or apply for admission to graduate programs after graduation. Student should contact the program adviser early on.

Biomedical Sciences (80 credits)

Program allows students to prepare for entrance into schools providing professional training in health care fields, graduate school, or a career in lab or health related areas.

Ecology and Field Biology (79 credits)

Programs provide a framework of courses and field experiences with emphasis in the areas of Ecology and Natural Resources or Wildlife Biology. Both emphases provide students with necessary course work and field experience toward certification as professionals in their fields.

Undergraduate Research

The department has a long history of undergraduate participation in faculty research.  This experience may be as short as a single semester or may last for a year or more and even culminate in a published paper.  There are opportunities for participating in either field-based or laboratory-based research.  Students interested in participating in research should talk with faculty members whose work is of interest to them.  To learn about the research interests of the faculty check out the faculty web pages.  Most of our faculty have extensive web pages describing their interests. 


All undergraduate students are assigned to a faculty advisor when they declare a major.  Faculty advisors work with the advisee to assure that the student is completing the required courses within the major as well as assisting the student in choosing elective courses which best suit their goals and interests.  In addition to assisting students in completing their undergraduate degrees, faculty advisors also help students in career development and graduate education.

Programs and Advisors

BS Biology-Teaching Minger, Simpson, Kochmann, Hauslein
BS Biomedical Sciences Cetkovic, Gazal, Gulrud, Meerschaert, Schuh, Shoenfuss, Tubbiola
BS Biotechnology Kvaal, Olson
BS Ecology: Ecology Emphasis Arriagada, Cook, Voelz, Restani
BS Ecology: Wildlife Emphasis Cook, Restani, Voelz
BES Biology Biology Faculty
BS Minor Biology Faculty
BS Nursing Nursing Office (BH-213)

Pre-Professional Programs and Advisors

Pre-Chiropractic Schuh
Pre-Dentistry Tubbiola
Pre-Medicine Cetkovic, Gazal, Tubbiola, Schuh
Pre-Mortuary Science School of Health & Human Services
Pre-Occupational Therapy School of Health & Human Services
Pre-Optometry Gazal
Pre-Physical Therapy School of Health & Human Services
Pre-Physician Assistant Tubbiola
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Gazal, Marcattilio
Transfer Student Advising Tubbiola (Cell/Molecular), Cook (Field Biology)

Graduate Programs

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