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Bio-Feedback 2004

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Department Welcomes Dr. Loren Miller

Loren Miller taught Fisheries Management & Ecology during Fall Semester 2003, and will teach Genetics and Molecular Genetics for Gene & Population Studies during Spring Semester 2004. Dr. Miller received a Bachelor of Science, an M.S. in fisheries and a Ph.D. in fisheries from the University of Minensota. His graduate and post-doctoral experiences have focused on population and quantitative genetics, molecular genetic techniques, conservation biology, and fisheries sciences.

Faculty Retirements

Dr. Ralph Gundersen

Dr. Judith Torrence

Changes in the Department

David DeGroote, chair of the department since 1996, was appointed as interim dean for the College of Science & Engineering when Dr. A. I. Musah left SCSU to start a new job in New York. Timothy Schuh was elected chair of the Department of Biological Sciences.

Faculty Receive Grants


Matthew Julius, Biology and Richard Rothaus, History won a $5,000 MnSCU Center for Teaching and Learning grant for their project, "Cultural and Environmental Landscapes Laboratory: A Community of Active Learning."

Heiko Schoenfuss, K. E. Lee, D. Wesolowski, L. Zintek and L. B. Barber received a $50,000 one-year grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency-Environmental Protection Agency, entitled "Determining the Endocrine Disrupting Effects of Alkylphenols (Aps) on the Reproductive Competence of Fishes in Biologically Relevant Laboratory and Field Studies."

Heiko Schoenfuss and P. W. Sorensen (U of MN) received a two-year grant for $113,513 from the Sea Grant College Program. The project, "Assessing Whether Exposure to Low Levels of Estrogens Whose Actions Mimic that of Effluent from a Great Lakes Sewage Plant Poses a Threat to Fish Reproductive Health," also includes 2.5 graduate research assistantships.

Heiko Schoenfuss, Matthew Julius, Kathy Lee (USGS), and Larry Barber (USGS) received a two-year grant for $39,000 from the MN Water Resources Center. The grant is entitled, "Assessing the Ecotoxicology of Ibuprofen, a Common Pharmaceutological Contaminant, in Two Organismal Bioassays."

Matthew Julius, Heiko Schoenfuss and Richard Blob received $13,177 from the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii for their project, "Effects of Stream Flow on Algal Communities and Larval Recruitment into Hawaiian Freshwater Streams."

Faculty and Staff Notes

The following biology faculty and staff received service awards: 35 years—Standley Lewis; 30 years—Stephen Thrune; 20 years—Betty Lommel; 10 years—Timothy Schuh, Neal Voelz.

Maureen Tubbiola was among 375 college and high school educators in the country who graded biology essays for students taking the College Board’s Advanced Placement examination. Dr. Tubbiola read more than 800 essays this summer. She has been involved in the program for three years.

Patricia Simpson was named to the statewide academic standards committees on social studies and science. The committees will help establish new graduation standards for all Minnesota students.

Steven Williams spent fall semester 2003 in Alnwick, England, as Director of St. Cloud State University's British Studies Program.

Jorge Arriagada was the project supervisor for Jill Babski, a graduate research assistant in plant biology. The project was initiated in 2002 with the Minnesota Department of Military Affairs. She prepared and presented the report entitled, "Distribution and Control of Invasive Plants on Camp Ripley and Arden Hills Training Site."

Heiko Schoenfuss is graduate advisor for Maria Legatt. Her thesis, currently in preparation, describes the Effects of Pharmaceutical Contamination on Aquatic Ecosystem Health."

Matthew Julius accepted Travis Bistodeau as a graduate student to study the effects of environmental estrogens on the aquatic food web.

Heiko Schoenfuss, Matthew Julius and Richard Blob (Clemson U.) co-authored a manuscript on the "Colonization of a Recent, Volcanically Formed Freshwater Habitat: An Example of Primary Succession." The article appears in the next issue of the journal on Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters (2004, 15(1):125-132). In addition, Heiko Schoenfuss is co-author on a second article published in the same journal (2003, 14(2):185-191).

Heiko Schoenfuss and Richard Blob (Clemson U.) published an article in the Journal of Zoology (Royal Society of London) entitled, "Kinematics of Waterfall Climbing in Hawaiian Freshwater Fishes (Gobiidae): Vertical Propulsion at the Aquatic-Terrestrial Interface," J. Zool. 2003, 261:191-205.

Retired Faculty Notes

John Coulter, 1986 retiree, passed away February 12, 2002. John began his career at SCSU in 1967 in the College of Education before coming to the biology department in 1969. Upon retirement, he became an accomplished woodcarver and volunteered at the St. Cloud Hospital for 11 years. His wife, Elsie, two daughters and one son survive him.

Max Partch, 1979 retiree, passed away October 1, 2003. He taught 30 years in the department. After retiring he and his wife, Betty, moved to Payson, AZ, where he was active in the Nature Conservancy, the Rim Country Museum, the Payson Birders and Friends of the Library. He is survived by his wife, one son and three daughters.

Joe Hopwood, 1993 retiree, continues to help in teaching and preaching at Sts. Martha and Mary in Eagan. He and his wife, Barbara, recently moved to a townhome close to their previous residence in Northfield. They spend their winters at their "Mom and Dad’s Cottage" which is on five acres of property owned by their son, Jeff and wife Margaret, in Bellingham, Washington.

David Mork, 2002 retiree, and his wife, Ellen, moved to Washington to be closer to their son, Peter and his wife Jennie, and daughter Skyler. David is teaching part-time at Yakima Valley Community College. He teaches A & P and general biology.

Job Hunting

The Career Services Office at SCSU has three job posting sites on the Internet. New positions are posted daily on EdPost (positions in education), JobPost (positions in business, industry, government, human services, and the arts), and InternPost (internships). Go to, click on Employment/Internship Resources, and then click on Job Searching.

Keep in Touch--Via Internet

Following is a listing of faculty and staff updated e-mail addresses so you can contact us via Internet. If you would like to let your former instructors and/or classmates know your e-mail address, send it to Bio-Feedback, and we will be happy to put it in the next issue.

If you don’t have access to the Internet, you can send mail to the Department of Biological Sciences, MS-262, 720 Fourth Avenue South, St. Cloud, MN 56301-4498. We’d love to hear from you!

Biology Department

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Students Receive Scholarships and Awards

The Department of Biological Sciences awards several scholarships, thanks to contributions from former students, friends, faculty emeriti, faculty and staff of the department. The following were recipients of scholarships this past year:

BIOLOGY ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP: Rachel Luthi, Jessica Otremba

KAY BAYNE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Rachel Luthi Bjerktvedt, Jessica Otremba

Students Accepted into Professional Schools


DENTAL SCHOOL: Jessica Berg, Jennifer Dechaine, Sallie Fall, Tim Osborn, Jason Spychala

GRADUATE SCHOOL: Michael Collins, Stephen Donabauer

MEDICAL SCHOOL: Jennifer Bach, Dan Fritz, Carrie Link, Bari Reeve

MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM: Rachel Luthi Bjerktvedt, Jennifer LaMourea, Melissa Lindenberg, Lisa Pelkey, Korrin Wells, Mikiko Zoshiki

OSTEOPATHIC SCHOOL: Tim Borden, Brian Wilson



PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT SCHOOL: Bruce Degrote, Mindy Elliason, Fafana Kerfala, Nicholas Mueller, Tara Rick


Biology Student Presents Research at National Meeting

O'Niell Tedrow, a senior biology student, was awarded best student poster presentation at the North American annual meeting of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) held in Austin, Texas. His presentation, "Effects of Biologically Active Compounds on Melosira varians (Agardh.)," represents part of a larger body of research being conducted by Professors Matthew Julius and Heiko Schoenfuss.

Graduate Notes

Wayne Mattsfield (1979) is a microbiologist at Air Tech Environmental, Inc., in St. Paul, MN. AirTech provides professional, cost-effective environmental testing, consulting and management services.

Pamela Guthmiller (1986) is a senior product manager in Cellular Analysis and Neuroscience at Promega Corporation, Madison, WI.

Edward J. "E.J." Crane III (1987) graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a doctorate in biochemistry. He has been named assistant professor of chemistry at Pomona College, Claremont, California. Patricia Hilleren (1987) recently accepted a position in the Dana Science Center at Skidmore College in upstate New York. Teri Shors (1987) was the recipient of an Endowed Professorship and a Distinguished Teaching Award. She is an associate professor in the Department of Biology and Microbiology at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. In her six years at UW-Oshkosh, she has earned 25 grants for virology research, much of it with her students.

David Jaques (1995) has been working for the past six years at Remel (formerly Alexon-Trend) in Ramsey, MN. He is in the Department of Product Development and Support, performing Ab purifications, making columns, and optimizing reagents for production. He and his wife are parents of a two-year old girl. Sherry Rotter Kollmann (1995) is a senior research scientist at Cargill, Inc. She is planning on enrolling in the Master of Biological Science program at the University of Minnesota.

Kavita Khubchandani Aswani (1996) has her Ph.D. and is living in the UK, but is looking for opportunities in the United States.

Theresa Ehnert (1997) spent four years at Novartis/Syngenta performing high throughput genotyping of agricultural crops. She is now at 3M working for the Bioanalytical Technologies Department doing R&D and product testing for biotech products. Kimberly Thielen-Cremers (1997) is working for the State of Minnesota as the Gypsy Moth program Coordinator.

Serena Gold (1998) is an industrial microbiologist at Cargill Dow LLC in Blair, NE.

Eric Etter (1999) accepted a job working in the pharmaceutical field. Joshua Lundorff (1999) is a scientist at Cargill, Minneapolis, MN.

Geraldine Larson (2000) was a co-writer of the publication, "Promotion of Retroviral Entry in the Absence of Envelope Protein by Chlorpromzaine." She is in the Department of Biological Sciences at Purdue University.

Daniel Sloper (2001) is a research scientist at the VAMC in Minneapolis, working for a urological surgeon who specializes in cancer and cancer research. Dan has been working on several projects, one involving variation of gene expression in chemotherapy resistant bladder carcinomas. Corey Thole (2001) has traveled many places, including Thailand and Cambodia. Katie Veesenmeyer (2001) is working at Memorial Blood Center and is a day shift supervisor.

Steven Donabauer (2002) is an M.S. graduate research assistant in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology at Arkansas Tech University. His research involves using telemetry to track movements of paddlefish in the Arkansas River. Thomas Mehr (2002) has been promoted to branch manager at a staffing company in Arizona.

Michael Collins (2003) is in a graduate program in neurobiology at the University of Florida-Ft. Lauderdale. Dale Kane (2003) was accepted into a Ph.D. program at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas. Katai Nkhata (2003) is employed at the University of Minnesota's Hormel Institute in Austin, MN. He is working on a project investigating the effect of obesity on mammary tumorigenesis using transgenic mice as models for human breast cancer. Su Sien Ong (2003) is currently at Purdue University in the biochemistry and molecular biology department and is working on her dissertation project. Monica Stratman (2003) is a microbiologist at Sunnyfresh Foods. Valerie Wilcox Winters (2003) is employed in the toxicology lab at Mayo Clinic.

SCSU Department of Biological Sciences


JORGE ARRIAGADA, Ph.D., Ohio State University, Plant Systematics; JOHN CRONN, Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Microbiology; THOMAS DANZL, M.A., St. Cloud State University, Genetics; OLADELE GAZAL, Ph.D., Iowa State University, Physiology of Reproduction; PATRICIA HAUSLEIN, Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Science Education/Biology; MATTHEW JULIUS, Ph.D., University of Michigan, Phycology and Limnology; CHRISTOPHER KVAAL, Ph.D., University of Iowa, Genetics/Molecular Biology; STANDLEY LEWIS, Ph.D., Washington State University, Paleoentomology; ANTHONY MARCATTILIO, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Behavioral Biology; JOANN MEERSCHAERT, Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook, Cellular and Developmental Biology; LOREN MILLER, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Fisheries; MARK MINGER, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Science Education; MARCO RESTANI, Ph.D., Utah State University, Wildlife Biology; HEIKO SCHOENFUSS, Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Anatomy; GORDON SCHRANK, Ph.D., University of Texas Medical Branch, Microbiology, Microscopy; TIMOTHY SCHUH, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin—Madison, Oncology; PATRICIA SIMPSON, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University—Carbondale, Science Education; MAUREEN TUBBIOLA, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Reproductive Physiology and Behavior; SANDRA TURNER, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Plant Ecology; NEAL VOELZ, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Zoology; STEVEN WILLIAMS, Ph.D., Oregon State University, Fisheries Biology, Ichthyology; JANET WOODARD, Ph.D., University of Colorado, Biochemistry, Biophysics and Genetics.


BARB KJELLBERG, Secretary; BETTY LOMMEL, Secretary; MARY McKENZIE, Secretary; DENNIS SJOGREN, College Laboratory Services Specialist; ELAINE THRUNE, College Laboratory Services Specialist, in charge of animal rooms, museum prep, and wildlife rehabilitation; STEVE THRUNE, College Laboratory Services Specialist, in charge of storerooms and central preparation.


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