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Bio-Feedback 2006

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Faculty/Staff Retirements

Janet Woodard retired at the end of Spring Semester 2006.  She and her husband, Bob, sold their home in St. Cloud and moved to Fairfield Glade, Tennessee so that they can play unlimited golf.

Elaine Thrune, College Laboratory Service Specialist in charge of animal rooms and museum prep, retired Fall 2005 after 35 years of service.

John Cronn will be retiring at the end of spring semester 2007.  He invites students and graduates to keep in touch with him.  He can be reached at his SCSU e-mail ( He and his wife, Jane, recently purchased a home in McFarland, WI (a suburb of Madison) and they will move there after John retires so that they can be closer to their three daughters and their families.

MnSCU-Funded IPESL Proposals

The following biology faculty received funding for their proposals:

Dr. Oladele Gazal, Redesigning the Pathophysiology Class--A Major Biology Capstone; $2,611.44.  Increasing Minority Participation in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Disciplines; $16,460.00.

Dr. Christopher Kvaal, "Enhanced Podcast" Production for a Large Lecture Biology Class; $2,300.58.

Dr. Mark Simpson and Dr. Patricia Simpson, Science Content Self-Study Modules and Weekly Study Sessions for Elementary and Middle School Pre-Service Teachers; $23,611.06.

Faculty and Staff Notes

Dr. Pat Hauslein was the recipient of the James and Marion Miller Teacher Scholar Award.  She was honored at the CETL Faculty Luncheon on August 29, 2006. 

JoAnn Meerschaert is on leave following the birth of daughter Victoria.  She and her husband, Dr. Neal Voelz, are also the parents of CalvinDr. Meerschaert will return Fall 2007.

Dr. Gordon Schrank was a 2006 Service Award Recipient for being at SCSU for 25 years.

Dr. Heiko Schoenfuss and about 20 graduate and undergraduate students conducted field research this summer on the Mississippi River, taking samples.  This study examines the effect of contaminated water on fish and they will assess how much damage a group of contaminants do to the environment.

Dr. Maureen Tubbiola was selected, for the sixth time, to participate in the annual reading and scoring of the College Board's AP Examinations.

Retired Faculty Notes

Long-time biology professor David Frank Grether died January 12, 2006, at the age of 85.  He was born and spent his early childhood in Neillville, Wisconsin, where his father preached in German in the Reformed Church.  His family moved several times to new churches, ending up in Magley, Indiana, where Dave attended a one-room school.

Dave studied pre-medicine at Mission House (now Lakeland College) then entered the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1941.  When WWII broke out, he quit school and enlisted in the U.S. Naval Air Force, where he served as a navigator in the South Pacific.  While traveling in the Pacific, he collected many biological specimens for the Smithsonian and other museums.  Grateful taxonomists named the fern Christella gretheri and the butterfly Hypolimnas pithoeca gretheri after him.

After the war, Dave completed an M.S. degree in zoology and started a Ph.D. program in botany at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  His major professor died toward the end of his Ph.D., so Dave decided to leave and start a teaching career.  He started at Wisconsin State University, Platteville, then he came to SCSU (1952-53).  After a three-year teaching post at Eastern Michigan University, he returned to SCSU (1956-85).

During his long career, Dave taught a variety of courses in the pre-medical and natural history areas.  He was good at getting students involved in field studies.  He delighted in taking younger colleagues to the Ripley esker, Partch's woods, and the Rothsay prairie chicken lek.  He liked to bring exotic foods he had collected to potlucks.

Dave was active professionally and conducted a wide variety of research projects.  He belonged to a number of professional societies and attended many professional meetings.  He often invited the banquet speakers to join him and other biology faculty to enjoy refreshments after the talk.  For years he organized the annual Science Fair held on the SCSU campus.  He continued to help with the Science Fair in retirement.  He also loved to write poetry.

Wife Mary Ann and children, Anne, Bill, and John survive Dave.  His colleagues and the many students whose lives he touched will miss him.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service had a dedication ceremony with a plaque acknowledging long-time wildlife professor, Dr. Al Grewe on October 14, 2006, at the Crane Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Little Falls, MN.  Dr. Grewe was the driving force behind the creation of the refuge.

Dr. John Peck and his wife, Linda, donated 200 acres of their farm to Stearns County for a natural park.  They continue to be resident naturalists at the farm by educating schoolchildren about nature.

Keep in Touch Via Internet

Following is a listing of faculty and staff updated e-mail addresses (add so you can contact us via Internet.  If you would like to let your former instructors and/or classmates know your e-mail address, send it to and we will be happy to put it in the next issue.  You can send mail to the Department of Biological Sciences, WSB-262, 720 Fourth Avenue South, St. Cloud, MN, 56301-4498.

Arriagada, Jorge


Bartell, Stephen


Cetkovic, Marina


Cook, William


Cronn, John


Danelius, Byron

Gazal, Oladele


Hauslein, Patricia


Jacobson, Bruce


Julius, Matthew


Kochmann, Beverly


Kvaal, Christopher


Lewis, Standley


Marcattilio, Anthony


Meerschaert, JoAnn


Minger, Mark


Olson, Brian


Restani, Marco


Schoenfuss, Heiko


Schrank, Gordon


Schuh, Timothy


Simpson, Patricia


Tubbiola, Maureen


Turner, Sandra


Voelz, Neal


Williams, Steven


Wolff, Jerry



Kjellberg, Barb


Lommel, Betty


McKenzie, Mary


Sjogren. Dennis


Thrune, Stephen


Students Receive Scholarships and Awards

The Department of Biological Sciences awards several scholarships, thanks to contributions from former students, friends, faculty emeriti, faculty and staff of the department.  The following were recipients of scholarships this past year.


DOROTHY BARKER SCHOLARSHIP:  Cassandra Houdek, Quinn Kurtz, Meghan McGee, Chandra Schmechel


GEORGE FRIEDRICH ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP:  Brianna Anderson, Mary Ellenbecker Johnson, Rebekah Olson



HAROLD H. & GLADYS I. HOPKINS SCHOLARSHIP:  Carolyn Gamble, Nathan Jahns, Sacha Larson



The University & Northwest Sertoma Club of Columbus , Ohio, awarded Jason Koch the Woody Hayes National Scholar Athlete Award.  It is awarded to six recipents and is presented to the outstanding man and woman in each of the collegiate divisions for demonstrated excellence in academics, athletics and community service.

Several biology students received awards at the 2006 Student Research Colloquium.  Chad Yost received a $500 award for the best poster.  His sponsors were Matthew Julius, Biology Department, and Mikhail Blinnikov, Geography Department.  Annet Kirabo received a $250 honorable mention award; her sponsor was Oladele Gazal, biology department.  Also receiving a $250 honorable mention award was Robert Plourde and his sponsors were Heiko Schoenfuss and Gordon Schrank, biology department.  Adam Hjelm was a poster semi-finalist and his sponsor was Pat Hauslein.


Chiropractic School:  Lukas Walford, Northwestern College.

Pharmacy School:  Jennifer Pollard

Ph.D. Program:  Lalita Shrestha, Sacha Marine, Michael Curtin

Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology:  Justin Bushkofsky, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Wai Chong "Vivian" Wong was chosen to participate in the Mayo Graduate School Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. 

Curt Christian, biotechnology and bio-chemistry major, was selected to study at The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine.  He was there for the 10-week student program in the summer of 2006.

Graduate Notes

Mike  Mischuk (1972, 1976) is a freshwater ecologist in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

John Barten (1979) is employed at Three Rivers Park District, Maple Plain, MN.

Marla Jean-Clement Burger (1988) is a Six Sigma Coach at 3M Six Sigma Operations, St. Paul, MN.  Mark Gernes (1988) is with the MPCA - Biological Monitoring Unit, Environmental Outcomes and Analysis Division in St. Paul. MN.

Mary Ann Stefanski (1990) is with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department, Winona, MN.

Justin Jenniges (1991) lives in Seward, Alaska, and works with marine mammals.

Paul Altendorf (1993) currently works at Syngenta Seeds in Standon, MN.  Kimberly Beuning Kockler (1993) is a food safety and product labeling coordinator with Coborn's, Inc.  Mike Smith (1993) is a postdoctoral fellow with the Shiga Toxin Project at the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland.

Alan (Ty) Harrison (1994) is a cardiology physician assistant for Minneapolis Heart Institute (MHI) and has been a practicing PA for over nine years.  He and his wife, Deb, are parents to Kylie, six and Tyler, age three.

Jason Groshong (1995) was at the University of MN Department of Neurology for seven years and then moved to Pittsburgh.  He is now a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute at the Hillman Cancer Center, Chadhary Laboratory.  In November 2005 he married Ansam Naoum of Baghdad, Iraq. 

Nicole Rudningen (1997) is on a four-year assignment to Germany for Degussa, a German fine chemical company.  She works in the research and development department for the business unit Feed Additives.  She and her husband, Dale, have three children:  Jordan, 13; Noah, 5; and Gracie, 2.

Eryn Kahler (1999) is a Fisheries Biologist II with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Commercial Fisheries Division.  

Judd Machula (2001) graduated with a degree in ecology and field biology.  He is employed by Bernick's, Waite Park, as an area manager.  He married Farrah Kluge on July 1, 2006.

Cade Steffenson (2002) is an Assistant Adminstrator for Mille Lacs County Zoning and Environmental Services, Milaca, MN.

Jessica Koppien (2004) is a technician at Schwan's Research & Development, Marshall, MN.  Victoria Wehinger (2004) graduated with a degree in ecology and field biology.  She is employed by the Environmental Protection Agency, Duluth.  She and Andrew Olson were married on August 12, 2006.

Kyle Asplund (2005) has been working in Ashley, ND as a watershed coordinator for the county and recently accepted a position in Grand Rapids working for the Natural Resources Conservation Services as a soil technician.  Nicole Balko (2005) graduated with a degree in wildlife biology and is working at PrimeVest in St. Cloud.  She married Jason Miller in October, 2006.  Kent Grove (2005) graduated with a biomedical science degree.  He is a master's student in cell and molecular biology at SCSU.  He married Rachel Orcutt on July 22, 2006. Mary Hall (2005) is in graduate school at University of Iowa.  She also works in the George Stauffer Lab.  It is a microbial genetics lab and Mary has been studying the glycine cleavage system.  Cory Kassube (2005) is assistant fishing manager at Sportsman's Ware house in St. Cloud.  Adam Kleven (2005) is an aquatic biologist at AquaTechnex, LLC, Palm Desert, CA.  Michelle Ozarowski (2005) is the head women's soccer coach and a biology instructor at Presentation College in Aberdeen, SD.  Kelly Peschl (2005) graduated with a degree in criminal justic and biology and is employed by Alexandria School District 206 and the Alexandria Swim Club.  She was married to Mike Wencl on August 19, 2006.  Mathew Routh (2005) is a master's student at Iowa State University.  He and Michelle Ethen were married on August 12, 2006.

Justin Bushkofsky (2006) is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the endocrinology and reproductive physiology department.  Roberto Cediel (2006) is a master's student at SCSU and employed by Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service.  He has been accepted at St. George's University, Granada, in the veterinary program.  He married Amanda Euteneuer on June 13, 2006.  Katie Kotschevar (2006) graduated with a degree in ecology/field biology and is employed by Primevest Financial Services, St. Cloud.  She and Mike Winkelman were married July 8, 2006.  Sasha Maraine  (2006) is a Ph.D. student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in the plant pathology, physiology and weed science department.  Nicole Veitz (2006) graduated with a degree in biomedical science and is employed by St. Cloud Hospital.  She and Jon Ruprecht were married on July 8, 2006.

Department of Biological Sciences


JORGE ARRIAGADA, Ph.D., Ohio State University, Plant Systematics; MARINA CETKOVIC-CVLJE, Ph.D., University of Zagreb, Croatia, Cell/Molecular Immunology; WILLIAM COOK, Ph.D., University of Kansas, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; JOHN CRONN, Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Microbiology; OLADELE GAZAL, Ph.D., Iowa State University, Physiology of Reproduction; PATRICIA HAUSLEIN, Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Science Education/Biology; BRUCE JACOBSON, Ph.D., Rice University, Houston, Biochemistry;  MATTHEW JULIUS, Ph.D., University of Michigan, Phycology and Limnology; BEVERLY KOCHMANN, Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado, Elementary Education; CHRISTOPHER KVAAL, Ph.D., University of Iowa, Genetics/Molecular Biology; STANDLEY LEWIS, Ph.D., Washington State University, Paleoentomology; ANTHONY MARCATTILIO, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Behavioral Biology; JOANN MEERSCHAERT, Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook, Cellular and Developmental Biology; MARK MINGER, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Science Education; BRIAN OLSON, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Molecular Biology; MARCO RESTANI, Ph.D., Utah State University, Wildlife Biology; HEIKO SCHOENFUSS, Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Anatomy; GORDON SCHRANK, Ph.D., University of Texas Medical Branch, Microbiology, Microscopy; TIMOTHY SCHUH, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin—Madison, Oncology; PATRICIA SIMPSON, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University—Carbondale, Science Education; MAUREEN TUBBIOLA, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Reproductive Physiology and Behavior; SANDRA TURNER, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Plant Ecology; NEAL VOELZ, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Zoology; STEVEN WILLIAMS, Ph.D., Oregon State University, Fisheries Biology, Ichthyology; JERRY WOLFF, Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley, Zoology.


BARB KJELLBERG, Secretary; BETTY LOMMEL, Secretary; MARY McKENZIE, Secretary; DENNIS SJOGREN, College Laboratory Services Specialist; STEVE THRUNE, College Laboratory Services Specialist, in charge of storerooms and central preparation.


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