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Bio-Feedback 2005

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Winter 2005

Department Welcomes

Dr. William Cook joined the biology department this fall.  He came most recently from a post-doctoral appointment at Arizona State University, where he studied the population and community level responses of arthropods, birds, and mammals to urbanization.  At SCSU Dr. Cook plans to conduct research on grassland ecology, and on how human activities affect wild animal and plant species in the Midwest.  He received a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas, and an AB degree from Harvard University.  He is currently teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in ecology and mammalogy.

Faculty Retirements

Long-time faculty members Drs. Stan Lewis and Steve Williams began phased retirement this year.  Both are enjoying working half time.

Dr. Janet Woodard plans to retire at the end of Spring Semester 2006.

Changes in the Department

The Mathematics and Science Center has been renamed the Robert H. Wick Science Building (WSB is the abbreviation for the building).  The name of the building honors former SCSU president, Robert H. Wick, who served from 1965-71.

Neal Voelz was appointed University Assessment Director.  The assessment office monitors student learning.  In the summer of 2004, he was a guest ecologist at the University of Calabria, Italy; several projects are in progress or planned.  He then attended an international meeting and, along with colleagues from Sweden, presented a paper, "Distribution and abundance of hyporheic invertebrates in a Swedish stream."  The paper will also be published in 2006 as an article in the Proceedings of the International Association for Theoretical and Applied Limnology.  Dr. Voelz recently published the following book:  Voelz, N.J., J. D. Hoeksema and F. E. Hayes. 2005. Instructor's manual and test bank for Smith--Elements of ecology, 6th edition.  Pearson Benjamin Cummings, San Francisco, CA, 302 pp.

Faculty Receive Grants

The Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory under the guidance of Drs. Matthew Julius and Heiko Schoenfuss successfully competed in several research grant competitions and were awarded a total of $771,000 this year to date: 

  • The National Water Resources Institute funded research on food web effects of aquatic contaminants ($63,000 for two years).
  • The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency funded research on surfactant contamination in the Mississippi River ($63,000 for 18 months).
  • The Department of Military Affairs awarded $36,000 to continue water quality monitoring at Camp Ripley, MN.
  • The Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory received a US Environmental Protection Agency STAR award to study mixtures of aquatic contaminants across the US ($600,000 for three years)
  • The US National Park Service funded water quality research at Voyager National Park ($9,000 for one year).

Matthew Julius, along with Dr. Richard Rothaus, Sponsored Programs, received $5,000  MnSCU Center for Teaching and Learning grant for their project, "Cultural and Environmental Landscapes Laboratory:  A Community of Active Learning."

Christopher Kvaal is leading a group of more than 40 undergraduate students to study toxoplasma gondi--a single-celled parasitic organism that lives in human beings and animals.  It could help keep pregnant women, organ transplant recipients and people with poor immune systems healthy.  The research is supported by a $162,500 Academic Research Enhancement Award from the National Institutes of Health.

Heiko Schoenfuss and Matthew Julius were awarded a research grant entitled, "Assessing the Ecotoxicology of Ibuprofen, a Common Parmaceutological Contaminant, in Two Organismal Bioassays."

Maureen Tubbiola received a grant for "The Effects of Blue Cohosh on Female Reproduction."

Faculty and Staff Notes

"Clibadium arriagadae", a newly-discovered species of plants found in Latin America and the West Indies, is named after Jorge Arriagada.  He collected his first specimen of the plant in Ecuador in 1992.  Researchers at the Missouri Botanical Garden named the species after Dr. Arriagada because of his significant contributions to study of the plant and the genus.

Several manuscripts of the Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory have been published in 2005:

  • Why sweat the small stuff: the role of micro algae in Hawaiian stream systems.  ML Julius, 2005. Bulletin of the Bishop Museum, Special edition on Hawaiian stream ecology.
  • The Importance of Morphology for the Management of Hawaiian Freshwater Fishes.  HL Schoenfuss & RW Blob, 2005. Bulletin of the Bishop Museum, Special edition on Hawaiian stream ecology.
  • Functional diversity in extreme environments: effects of locomotor style and substrate texture on waterfall climbing performance in Hawaiian freshwater fishes (Gobiidae).  RW Blob, R Raie, ML Julius, HL Schoenfuss, 2005.  Journal of Zoology, London.
  • The survival of Sicyopterus stimpsoni, an endemic amphidromous Hawaiian gobiid fish, relies on the hydrological cycles of streams: evidence from changes in algal composition of diet through growth stages.  ML Julius, RW Blob, HL Schoenfuss, 2005. Aquatic Ecology.
  • Several additional manuscripts have been accepted or submitted to a variety of journals.

The following biology faculty and staff received service awards:  Anthony Marcattilio-25 years; Mary McKenzie-20 years.  

Loren Miller recently finished his term as President of the Minnesota Chapter of the American Fisheries Society.  The Society is composed of fisheries researchers and managers with the purpose of advancing scientific management of the state's aquatic resources.  The current President is Tim Brastrup, an SCSU alum including a Master's degree working with Dr. Williams. The upcoming annual MNAFS meeting will be February 28 - March 2 in Brainerd. Faculty and students are welcome. Contact Dr. Miller for information.

John Cronn was on sabbatical leave, Fall Semester 2005, in Montana.  He was in the lab of Dr. Robert Heinzen, who is 1983 graduate of SCSU.  Dr. Heinzen is a principle investigator at the NIH Rocky Mountain Labs in Hamilton, MT, where he works on the genetics and pathogenicity of Coxiella burnetii

Emmons "Ray" Raymond, husband of retired secretary, Barbara Raymond, passed away on October 25, 2004.

Retired Faculty Notes

It is with sadness that the biology department announces the death of long-time faculty member, Wayland Ezell, on February 16, 2005.  He was a professor of botany at SCSU from 1970-2000.  Wayland grew up in Stockton, CA, on the San Joaquin River.  He graduated from the University of the Pacific in 1959 and received a Master's degree in parasitology and zoology from UP in 1963.  He was awarded his Ph.D. in systematic botany from Oregon State University in 1970.  During this time he taught at Ventura Community College and conducted NSF postdoctoral research at the University of North Carolina.  He was well known for his work on monkey flower systematics.  While at Oregon State University he met fellow graduate student Roy Saigo, current president of SCSU.

In 1970 he and his wife, Sue, and their three children, Chuck, David and Beth, came to Minnesota.  At SCSU Dr. Ezell taught 19 different courses in the general biology, botany, and general education categories.  He developed seven of those courses and was especially proud of Cultural Botany, the first MGM course taught in the College of Science and Engineering.  Dr. Ezell participated as a faculty member in five spring break field trips and was an instructor in SCSU's British Studies program twice.  He loved teaching and loved being with students.  He charmed them with puns and stories of classic movies and Frank Sinatra.

Dr. Ezell served as chair of the Department of Biological Sciences from 1978-87.  He was a tireless champion of the department in the SCSU community.  He was active in the Minnesota Academy of Sciences and served on its board of directors.  He organized the local science fair for many years.  He authored and co-authored fifteen research papers and abstracts and attended numerous professional meetings.

His wife, Sue, passed away in December, 1990.  In 2000 Dr. Ezell retired and moved with his second wife, Yvette, to Calaveras County, California, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains and home of the famous jumping frogs.  In retirement he volunteered in the schools, wrote a weekly column for the Copperopolis newspaper, and in 2004 he published a volume of his poetry.  Ralph Gundersen remembers Wayland as a person who got things done.  We will miss him.

Alfred "Joe" Hopwood, 1993 retiree, serves as the vicar of Sts. Martha and Mary Church in Eagan, MN.  He and his wife, Barbara, went to an Elderhostel on the Alaska Marine Highway in the summer of 2005.

Keith Knutson retired in 2001, after being in the biology department for 31 years.  He received the 2005 College of Science & Engineering Leadership Award at the SCSU Alumni Awards Dinner & Ceremony on October 14, 2005.  Dr. Knutson graduated from SCSU in 1965 and 1967.

Max Partch and his wife, Betty, established a charitable gift annuity with a donation of $28,000 in 1989.  Max retired in 1979 after 30 years in the biology department, and passed away in 2003.  The endowment fund is for students who major in biology and further the study of native plants and native plant communities.

Keep in Touch—Via Internet

Following is a listing of faculty and staff updated e-mail addresses so you can contact us via Internet.  If you would like to let your former instructors and/or classmates know your e-mail address, send it to Bio-Feedback, and we will be happy to put it in the next issue.

If you don't have access to the Internet, you can send mail to the Department of Biological Sciences, WSB-262, 720 Fourth Avenue South, St. Cloud, MN  56301-4498.  We'd love to hear from you!

Biology Department  

Jorge Arriagada       

Cook, William          

John Cronn             

Oladele Gazal         

Pat Hauslein           

Matthew Julius       

Barb Kjellberg         

Christopher Kvaal   

Standley Lewis                          

Betty Lommel         

Anthony Marcattilio 

Mary McKenzie       

JoAnn Meerschaert 

Loren Miller             

Mark Minger            

Marco Restani                

Heiko Schoenfuss    

Gordon Schrank       

Tim Schuh               

Patricia Simpson      

Dennis Sjogren                      

Elaine Thrune          

Stephen Thrune      

Maureen Tubbiola    

Sandra Turner         

Neal Voelz               

Steven Williams       

Janet Woodard        

Students Receive Scholarships and Awards

The Department of Biological Sciences awards several scholarships, thanks to contributions from former students, friends, faculty emeriti, faculty and staff of the department.  The following were recipients of scholarships this past year:

BIOLOGY ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP:  Roberto Cedial, Ryan Lasanen, Lee Robinson, Julie Warneke








Students Accepted into Professional Schools


DENTAL SCHOOL:  Andrea McGrew, Jadilyn Nguyen, Mohammad Salad, Meghan Smith   

GRADUATE SCHOOL:  Marc Becker, Megan Cleland, Mary Hall, Nicholas Kettenhofen, Sender Lkhagvadorj, Takashi Maie, Sam Nummela, O'Neil Tedrow , Lynsie Radovich, Matthew Routh, Paul Schweiger  

MEDICAL SCHOOL:  Kristina Britton, Olayemi Durosaro, Pastel Fligge, Amanda Lovold, Travis Williams   

MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM:  Christine Fouquette, Debra Gotvald, Jill Hancock, Melissa Kraft, Mindy Rick Moores

NUCLEAR MEDICINE:  Jennifer Nohner

PHARMACY SCHOOL:  Rachel Rosha, David Salo, Jill Stephen   

PHYSICAL THERAPY SCHOOL:  Kyle Cook, Tim Curtins   

PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT SCHOOL:  Jacob Klaustermeier, Jana Larson (Univ. of SD), Jessica Otremba   

VETERINARY SCHOOL:  Kristen Hanson, Kara McCardle, Jennifer Melling, Sarah Simonson, Patrick Stoffel, Jenna Webeck

Two biology students received Honorable Mention in the SCSU 2005 Student Research Colloquium.  Marc Becker presented a poster entitled, "Traversing Ontogenetic Constraints:  Climbing Performance of Hawaiian Freshwater Fishes."  His sponsor was Dr. Heiko Schoenfuss.  Theresa Iverson presented a poster, "Correlating the Appearance of Pioneer Gobioid Fish Species with Pacific Island Formation Using Molecular Clock Techniques," and her sponsor was Drs. Matt Julius, Chris Kvaal, and Heiko Schoenfuss.

Monique Payton was notified that her biography was accepted for publication in The National Dean's List 2004-2005.  Only 1% of the students in the country's 3,000 colleges and universities are honored with this achievement.   

Travis Bistodeau, a graduate student in the Department of Biological Sciences (advisor: Heiko Schoenfuss) presented his thesis research at the 2005 Midwest Regional Meeting of the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry in Madison, WI.  He won the student presentation competition and received a travel award to present his research at the international meeting of the society in November in Baltimore.

Graduate Notes

Jeannine Ross Boyer (1980) passed away on October 29, 2004.  She was an RN and worked for the V.A. Hospital and Stearns County Public Health Department.  She then served as a medical consultant for Holmen Law Offices and then American Family Insurance.  She is survived by her husband, Dr. David Boyer, and three children.

Pamela Thinesen (1983) has been teaching at Century College in White Bear Lake since 2000.  Pamela recently volunteered to develop an introductory forensic science course as part of an NSF grant to the college to offer a new degree in investigative law enforcement.  She has a 14-year old son, Jake, as well as numerous pets.

Thomas Koster (1986) lives in Centerville, MN, and is a grant writer for the Salvation Army in Roseville.

Dr. Lori Black (1987), GenBank Indexer, National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Institutes of Health, was a guest speaker at the SCSU 2005 Student Research Colloquium on April 19, 2005.

Kimberly Knutsen (1988) is the Director of Quality Systems at New World Restaurant Group in Golden, CO.

Thomas Munsinger (1992) is a certified orthotist in Rochester, MN working for the Mayo Clinic prosthetic labs.

Cary Nelles (1992) is a mortician in Washburn, WI.

Kristin Olds (1993) passed away on November 30, 2005, from breast cancer and leukemia.  She was a member of the Master Gardener Program.

Jeremy Sterk (1994) is an environmental consultant with Hoover Planning & Development, Inc. in Naples, Florida.

Nicholas Krueger (1996) is now working as a family physician in Montevideo.  His wife, Donna (Rieck) Krueger (1993) finished an MS in ecology at Kansas State in 1998.

Jason Papp (1996) is a realtor with Coldwell Banker-Burnet in Minneapolis.

Tonya Jones Faundeen (1997) is on staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL, as a Physician Assistant in Interventional Radiology.  She and Merritt Jones were married in July, 2005.

Jason Alcott (1998) is a natural resource specialist in the Office of Environmental Services, MN Department of Transportation and lives in Roseville, MN.

Justin Jenniges (1998, 2001) recently moved to Seward, Alaska to continue working with steller sea lions and northern fur seals.  He will be working for the Alaska Sea Life Center.

Andrea McGrew (1998) is attending dental school at the University of Minnesota.

Tiffany Reiter (1998) is completing her postdoc at the Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases.

Rebecca Bargabus (1999) is a staff scientist at the USDA in Fort Collins, CO, studying sugar beet viruses.

Nicholas Kettenhoffer (1999) is in the Ph.D. program in biophysics at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Josh Lundorff (1999) is a scientist at the Biotechnology Development Center at Cargill, Inc.

Michelle Ozarowski (2005) is an anatomy & physiology instructor at Muskegon Community College, and a human biology instructor at Central Michigan University.

Judy Santmire (2000) was awarded a Ph.D. from Kent State, Ohio, in Spring 2005.

Elizabeth Bollin Schelhase (2000) moved to Tampa, FL, in 2003.  She works at the Florida Blood Services in the compatibility testing laboratory .

Jason Neuman (2000) was recently offered a job with the DNR-Fisheries area office in Montrose, MN.  Previously he was the program coordinator with the Snake River Watershed Management Board in Mora, MN.

Keri Gonczy (2001) is with the Brainerd MN Lakes Association.

Justin Patri (2001) is in the Physician Shadowing Program at the St. Cloud Hospital.

Herfita Agustiandari (2002) is attending the University of Groninger in Holland, studying for a Ph.D. in molecular microbiology.

Justin Bushkofsky (2002) works at R&D Systems in Minneapolis.

Pastel Fligge (2003) is attending the USD Medical School.

Melissa Gerads (2003) is a medical technologist at the Amory Regional Hospital, Amory, WI.

Julie Heck (2003) has been working as a nuclear medicine technologist at Methodist Hospital Radiology in St. Louis Park, MN, for two years.  She recently was accepted to a physician assistant school in Springfield, MO.

Jessica Rossman (2003), a biomedical sciences and Spanish major, is employed by Pace Analytical, St. Paul.  Jessica and Thomas Schrauth were married in Roseville, MN, on September 24.

Brooke Schirmers (2003) and Mathew Steckelberg  were married June 3, 2003.  Brooke has degrees in biology and communication degrees.  She is a doctoral student in audiology at Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan.  Mathew graduated from SCSU with a degree in marketing.

Lane Wilcox (2003) is employed in the cytogenetics laboratory at the Mayo Clinic.

Jadilyn-Ngoc Nguyen (2004) has been accepted to the Naturopathic Medical School at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Tempe, AX.

Jessica Otremba (2004) is attending Augsburg College for her masters in physician assistant.

David Salo (2004) has been accepted to the pharmacy school at the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

Victoria (Tory) Wehinger (2004) is working as a student contractor for the EPA in Duluth, MN.  In the summer of 2004 she had an internship with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency doing electrofishing throughout southern Minnesota.

Angela Hanson (2005) and Joseph Molesky were married in October 2005.  Angela has a degree in biomedical science and is employed by Beckman Coulter, Chaska, as a scientist.  Joseph graduated from SCSU with a degree in management.

Kevin Kroeger (2005) accepted a laboratory technician position with Cargill in the Meat Solutions micro/pathology lab, which is located in north Wichita, Kansas.

SCSU Department of Biological Sciences


JORGE ARRIAGADA, Ph.D., Ohio State University, Plant Systematics; WILLIAM COOK, Ph.D., University of Kansas, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; JOHN CRONN, Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Microbiology; OLADELE GAZAL, Ph.D., Iowa State University, Physiology of Reproduction; PATRICIA HAUSLEIN, Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Science Education/Biology; MATTHEW JULIUS, Ph.D., University of Michigan, Phycology and Limnology; CHRISTOPHER KVAAL, Ph.D., University of Iowa, Genetics/Molecular Biology; STANDLEY LEWIS, Ph.D., Washington State University, Paleoentomology; ANTHONY MARCATTILIO, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Behavioral Biology; JOANN MEERSCHAERT, Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook, Cellular and Developmental Biology; LOREN MILLER, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Fisheries; MARK MINGER, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Science Education; MARCO RESTANI, Ph.D., Utah State University, Wildlife Biology; HEIKO SCHOENFUSS, Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Anatomy; GORDON SCHRANK, Ph.D., University of Texas Medical Branch, Microbiology, Microscopy; TIMOTHY SCHUH, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin—Madison, Oncology; PATRICIA SIMPSON, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University—Carbondale, Science Education; MAUREEN TUBBIOLA, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Reproductive Physiology and Behavior; SANDRA TURNER, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Plant Ecology; NEAL VOELZ, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Zoology; STEVEN WILLIAMS, Ph.D., Oregon State University, Fisheries Biology, Ichthyology; JANET WOODARD, Ph.D., University of Colorado, Biochemistry, Biophysics and Genetics.


BARB KJELLBERG, Secretary; BETTY LOMMEL, Secretary; MARY McKENZIE, Secretary; DENNIS SJOGREN, College Laboratory Services Specialist; ELAINE THRUNE, College Laboratory Services Specialist, in charge of animal rooms and museum prep; STEVE THRUNE, College Laboratory Services Specialist, in charge of storerooms and central preparation.


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