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Bio-Feedback 2007

Friday, August 1, 2008


Faculty Retirements

Dr. John Cronn (microbiology) retired at the end of Spring Semester 2007 and a reception honoring him was at O’Hara’s Restaurant.  Dr. Steven Williams (fisheries biology, ichthyology) retired at the end of Fall Semester 2007.  A retirement reception was held for him at the Green Mill, St. Cloud.  Dr. Standley Lewis will retire at the end of Spring Semester 2008.  His daughters are planning a picnic at Riverside Park, St. Cloud for friends and family.

Students Receive Scholarships and Awards

The Department of Biological Sciences awards several scholarships, thanks to contributions from former students, friends, faculty emeriti, faculty and staff of the department.  The following were recipients of scholarships and awards this past year:


Allissa Dillman—Excellence in Leadership Award.  Recipient and winner of the Denis M. Thayer Leadership Award.

Robert Plourde—Excellence in Leadership Award Recipient.


George Friedrich Endowed Scholarship:  Nathan Jahns, Eric Hanson, Joseph Carlyon, Jason Carlson, Rebekah Olson.

Endowed Biology Fund Scholarship: Omkar Paudel

Gregory John Harkins Endowed Scholarship:  Nathan Strand, Nirjal Bhattarai, Kelly Freese

Gladys Tirrell & Dr. N. B. Nelsob Endowed Biology Scholarship:  Michael Maher, Christopher Froelich

Dorothy Barker Scholarship:  Allissa Dillman, Deshani Perera, Labchan Rajbhandari, Patricia Fast

Students Accepted into Professional Schools

BIOINFORMATICS:  Gargi Dayama, University of South Carolina.

MEDICAL SCHOOL:  Tamaki Tomoshige, Shimane University

OPTOMETRY SCHOOL:  David Malchow, Pacific University College; Forest Grove, Oregon

Ph.D. PROGRAM:  Rainer Grant, veterinary molecular biology, Bozeman, MT; Marijo Roiko, cell and molecular biology, University of Michigan; Lalita Shrestha, interdisciplinary biomedical sciences, Medical College of Wisconsin

PHYSICAL THERAPY:  Julie Warneke, College of St. Scholastica.

VETERINARY SCHOOL:  Roberto Cediel, St. George’s University, Granada; Lisa Erdman, University of Minnesota; Rob Plourde, St. George’s University, Granada.


Robert White (1970) has become the SCSU Foundation Board of Trustees chair for the 2007-08 academic year.  He is currently sitting on the CentraCare Health Systems Board of Directors and is the chair of the St. Cloud hospital board of trustees.  Bob retired in 2005 as chief operating officer of Bankers Systems

Robert Heinzen (1983) is at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton, MT.

Barry Fish (1985) is an assistant clinical professor in the Physician Assistant Program at Des Moines University.

Michael Fuchs (1988) was named Optometrist of the Year by the Minnesota Optometric Association.    He has been at St. Mary’s Duluth Clinic for eight years.  Brian Huebner (1988) is a senior marketing manager at AutoMed in Vernon Hills, IL.

Tomas Kowalkowski (1989) is a physician Board Certified by Fellowship of Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP).

Jolynne Konkel Tschetter (1990) is the Manager of Science and Technology Business Development, Economic Development & Finance Division, for the state of North Dakota.

Wade Bresnahan (1993) is now the course director of Advanced Virology, Immunology and Microbial Genetics Laboratory class for senior undergraduates at the University of Minnesota.  He is an assistant professor in the Department of Microbiology.

Patricia Friehammer Thull (1994) is a Research Associate VI, Analytical Development, at CIMA Labs, Brooklyn Park.

Sherry Rotter Kollmann (1995) is a senior biotechnologist at Cargill, Freshwater Biotechnology Development Center.

Marla Clement Burger (1998) changed jobs from teaching and coaching Black Belts to being a Black Belt at United Healthcare.  She is also working on a Master’s Degree in Technology Management at the University of St. Thomas.  Eric Matson (1998) is at the Ames USDA lab.  Dawn Harkin Stenstrom (1998) is a senior regulatory affairs specialist at Medtronic, Neurological Division.

April Maki Shultz (1999) is a microbiology QC Analyst III at PDL BioPharma in Brooklyn Park, a company which produces monoclonal antibody therapies.  Jennifer Williams (1999) is a production scientist at Epitôpix, Willmar, MN.

Jon Gayken (2000) is a resident physician in the surgery department at Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis.  He and Maria Martin, a 2000 and 2005 SCSU graduate, were married on April 28, 2007.

Kelan Buchta (2002) is a process control specialist at Gluek Brewing Company, Cold Spring.  The 150-year old brewing company is Minnesota’s largest brewery.

Jennifer Lynn Dechaine (2003) joined the staff of Medical Arts Dental, in Sartell, as a dentist.

Jason Koch (2004) is a biology and chemistry teacher at Hastings High School.

Megan Cleland (2005) is in her third year of graduate school at NIH/Johns Hopkins.  Megan has co-authored a paper, “The Role of Bax and Bak in Mitochondrial Morphogenesis” which was published in Nature.  Joe Kerber (2005) is a third-year chiropractic student at Northwestern Health Services University, Bloomington.  Joe and Kelly Roda (2006) were married August 25, 2007.

Cassandra Peterson (2006) is a doctoral student in biomedical sciences and molecular biology at the Sanford School of Medicine of the University of South Dakota and is employed as a graduate student researcher.    Cassandra and Ryan Brinkman were married July 28, 2007.  Justin Patri (2006) is at the transplant lab at the Mayo Clinic.  Kelly Roda (2006) is employed by St. Cloud Hospital.  Kelly and Joe Kerber (2005) were married August 25, 2007.  Eric VanDerVeen (2006) is a sterilization microbiologist at Boston Scientific.

Angela Allen (2007) joined the American Medical Systems in Minnetonka.  Anita Schneider (2007) is a biology lab manager at Inver Hills Community College.  Kuan-Shen Wong (2007) is a research assistant in the Division of Developmental Biology at the Cincinnati Children Hospital Medical Center.  He has been doing cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR and gel analysis.


Faculty News


April, 2005:

The Aquatic Toxicology Lab. (Dr. Schoenfuss, Director) recently attended the 13th Midwestern Regional Meeting of the Society for Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry in Madison, WI. Dr. Schoenfuss presented a oral presentation entitled "Concentration-dependent effects of 4-nonylphenol on male fathead minnows in a competitive reproductive assay". The talk was co-authored by several graduate and undergraduate students from SCSU who also attended the meeting.

Travis Bistodeau, a Master's level student in the Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory presented a poster entitled "Reproductive consequences for fathead minnow larvae exposed to an environmentally relevant concentration of alkylphenol polyethoxylates" at the 13th Midwestern Meeting of the Society for Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry in Madison, WI. He was awarded the price for best poster presentation and received a $1,000 stipend to travel to the Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, to present his findings to an international audience.

Dr. Schoenfuss will be presenting his research on Hawaiian Gobioid Fishes as an Invited Guest at a Stream Fish Conference in Hilo, Hawaii in April. He will also present a workshop with Drs. Barber (USGS) and Norris (University of Colorado) at the American Oil Chemists Society meeting in Salt Lake City, UT, in May. This workshop is sponsored by the AOCS.

2003-04 News


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