Department of Biology
College of Science and Engineering


Microbiology Laboratory - MS-250

The microbiology laboratory and the accompanying preparation room allow for growth and isolation of a variety of microorganisms. Each term students watch the growth and metabolic activities of a number of organisms ranging from the purple and green sulfur bacteria, streptomycetes and fungi found in the environment to organisms isolated from the skin and other specimens. An emphasis is placed on demonstrating the role that microorganisms play in our world. Sewage treatment, food production, geochemical recycling and production of antimicrobial agents (antibiotics) are a few of the many positive examples of microbial action. Also, many of the techniques used in the human genome project are direct outgrowths of technology associated with studies of microorganisms. All students complete the identification of unknown organisms acquired from a variety of sources. These unseen inhabitants of our world are absolutely essential to our survival.

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