Billing and Payments

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8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday
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Billing and Payments

Cancellation for Non-Payment



Students may have their registration cancelled for nonpayment when payment is not made in full, as defined subsequently, by the established due date. 

Registration after the tuition and fee due date: Students registering after the tuition and fee due date through the 6th business day of Fall/Spring semesters may be cancelled for nonpayment. 

Payment in Full: Payment in full is defined through any appropriate combination of 1) cash, check, money order or credit card; 2) financial aid applied to tuition and fees; 3) an approved tuition and fee payment plan; 4) an approved waiver, such that the combined total is at least equal to the amount of tuition and fees owed; 5) a third party authorization on file in the cashiers offices stating which state or federal agency/program will be billed for the students tuition and fees.

Tuition and Fee Due Date: Tuition and fees are due fifteen (15) business days before the start of fall and spring semesters.  For summer session the due date shall be ten (10) business days before the beginning of summer session 1. 

Financial Aid Applied to Tuition and Fees: Once a student has received confirmation from the federal government that his/her FAFSA has been processed, the Financial Aid Applied to Tuition and Fees requirement shall be met.  Financial aid will be applied to the student’s account when it arrives at the University.  Only amounts of financial aid in excess of the outstanding balance will be released to the student.  This definition is valid per MN State Colleges and University Board Procedure 5.12.3. and is subject to change.

Safe Harbor Payment: Students have the ability to pay $300 down in order to be excluded from the registration cancellation for nonpayment process.  This will be considered payment one of the payment plan.

Veterans: Those students who are receiving veteran educational benefits must contact the Records and Registration Office and make arrangements with the VA Certifying Officer.

Payment Plans:  A student may meet the requirement of payment in full for tuition and fees at or before the tuition and fee due date by entering into an approved payment plan.  A payment plan may be the primary method of payment, or it may supplement other forms of payment such as financial aid or tuition waiver.


Payment Plan:  A student shall be permitted to enter into a payment plan.The first payment will be due on or before the tuition and fee due date.  Students will automatically be enrolled in a payment plan if they make the first payment.  Accelerated payments (payments before the due date) will always be accepted. A $30 fee is attached to payment plans.

Please see Billing and Payments for due dates.

There will be a hold on registration if full payment is not received by the final due date

Housing due dates are established by Housing.  Please reference your housing contract for those dates.

Drop for Nonpayment

The Accounts Receivable Director will run the cancellation candidate list 5 days before the tuition and fee due date.  Those students who have not made payment in full may be dropped on the morning after the tuition and fee due date.  After the cancellation list has been run a new candidate list will be ran to collect the names of students who have enrolled after the tuition and fee date due date through the 6 class day of the semester, and have not made payment in full since the original list was developed.  These students, who have not made payment in full, may have their registration cancelled.

Also see MN State College and University Board Policy 5.12 and Board Procedure 5.12.3.


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