Flight Simulator

Frasca Model 242T - Twin Engine Turboprop Flight Training Device

Frasca Model 242TThe Model 242T is highly representative of a two pilot turboprop aircraft with a takeoff weight of 12,000 pounds. The simulation supports turbine engine systems and procedures, as well as normal, abnormal and emergency procedures training. This makes it outstanding for upgrading the recip pilot to turboprop equipment.

Training Objectives

From the BEFORE START to the ENGINE SHUTDOWN checklist, the 242T will provide a training environment that permits maximum transfer of training to the aircraft. Designed with the requirements of regional carriers in mind, the 242T teaches pilots to efficiently operate aircraft with higher speeds and more sophisticated systems and equipment. The 242T may be used effectively for single pilot training and is ideal for crew coordination and Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT). Single pilot or crew, serious resource management training is an important part of the 242T.

Standard Equipment

The two-seat cockpit is realistically outfitted with flight, engine, and navigation instruments; fully functioning dual flight controls; engine control pedestal; side and overhead panels. Visual systems are optional. Flight modeling is a faithful representation of a Beechcraft 1900 regional airliner and permits simulation of operations from engine start to shutdown.