Department Information

Department Mission

The Aviation Department is committed to providing the highest quality affordable aviation education for all students it serves with faculty actively involved in advancing the aviation community.

Department Vision

The Aviation Department will be a leader in offering degree programs that prepare graduates to enter into and advance in rewarding and responsible professional careers in the global and dynamic aviation industry providing lifelong positive contributions to the aviation community.

Department Values

In carrying out its mission and vision the Aviation Department values the following:

  • The highest quality and dynamic aviation curriculum
  • Faculty involvement in the aviation community
  • A supportive environment for students, faculty, and staff that models respect for diversity
  • Student involvement in aviation student organizations and the aviation community
  • Active involvement with industry
  • Facilities conducive to quality learning

Department Goals

  • The highest quality and dynamic aviation curriculum.
  • Facilities conducive to quality learning.
  • A supportive environment for students, faculty and staff that models respect for difference.
  • Faculty involvement in the aviation community.
  • Student involvement in the aviation student organizations and the aviation community.
  • Industry involvement in the development and advancement of professional students.
  • Preparation for successful lifelong learning.


Aviation Department History

St. Cloud State University has been involved in aviation since the late 1930s when it participated in the Federal Civilian Pilot Training program. In 1949, the SCSU Aero Club, Inc. was established on campus by a small group of students, faculty, and staff. As student interest grew, SCSU began offering aviation classes on campus. SCSU responded to increasing student interest in aviation education by offering aviation classes on campus; and in 1978, added an aviation emphasis in the technology major that was so well received that more classes were added and the B.S. in Aviation was developed and approved in 1987. Departmental status was granted in 1996. After this, the B.A.S in Aviation Maintenance Managemnet was added. SCSU aviation graduates are currently enjoying rewarding careers in airline and corporate flight departments, airport operations and management, aircraft dispatch, aircraft scheduling, aviation education, and many other areas.