Theatre Lounge




  • Gas fireplace
  • Internet access
  • Windows
  • Is a public space and cannot be blocked off from rest of building from foot traffic

Photo Gallery

Seating Capacity

Rounds of 6 for 108
Rounds of 7 for 126
Rounds of 8 for 144

Room Diagram

Theatre Lounge Room Diagram (PDF Format)

Have a set-up that does not fall into one of the typical categories above?

Print off the above room diagram and specify how you would like the room set up. Submit it at least two weeks before your event to the Conference and Scheduling #110 Office in Atwood.



Non-Profit Rate: $10.00/hr. (minimum of 5 hours)
Commercial Rate: $14.00/hr. (minimum of 5 hours)

For rate information questions, please contact Bob Klackner at 320-308-2075

For a more detailed explanation of charges for the use of Atwood's facilities, see: Space Use Policies

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