Room Reservation Request Form

Off-Campus Groups

If the reservation request is within the next 2 working days please submit your request below and follow up via a phone call to Bob Klackner at (320) 308-2075.

Please review the following Sample Contract

Person requesting the room
Email address
(enter only 1 address)
Cell Phone
Alternate Phone
Company Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Are you considered a non-profit organization?

Yes   No


Event name/description

(Will show on room cards, building event schedule and Virtual EMS.)
Total attending
Date(s) Needed (if this is a weekly request, please complete the weekly request form)

Event Time

Event begins at am pm

Event ends at am pm

(Important: Give actual event time only or when your actual meeting time is scheduled for - you can add set-up or take-down time below)

NO SHOW POLICY:  Non-use of reserved facilities or groups failing to cancel a reservation will affect a group's ability to make future reservations and will result in a $25.00 fee.  If you do not show up for your event within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time, it will be considered a no-show. 

Setup time (If needed)

Setup time am pm

Takedown time am pm

(Note: Do not figure in set-up or take-down time for Atwood. This is taken care of on Atwood's end. This is just for your own set-up or take-down time.)

Room(s) preferred (optional field - rooms will be assigned based on "best fit" unless a specific venue is required)

Does your meeting/event require the use of a smart room? yes no
Is this a fundraiser or is admission/ registration fee involved? yes no

Room setting

Put check next to your preference. We will set Hollow Square unless otherwise noted below.

Hollow Square - large square of tables with seating outside.
U-Shape – tables in a U-shape with seating outside.
Row seating - just chairs in rows no tables.
Row seating/head table:
      1 head table 2 head tables Number of chairs at head table(s)
Classroom - 3 per six foot table, all facing one way.
Dining - 3 on each long side of a six foot table.
Rounds of: 4 5 6 7 8
Circle of chairs (no tables).
Clear room completely.
Existing set as is - (no preference).
Other - describe

List audio-visual equipment needed (see available AV equipment list)

Set up details or additional comments regarding set-up: 


Technician needed: yes no

Technician charges are: $14.00 per hour ($16.00 per hour for last minute requests) for University Departments and Organizations*. ALL TECH CHARGES CARRY A TWO HOUR MINIMUM CHARGE. Last minute is defined as 7 calendar days. A written notice of cancellation must be received a minimum of 7 calendar days prior to the scheduled event or the two-hour minimum tech fee will be charged.

Please note that all events in Ritsche Auditorium require a tech. If you need to access the AV equipment in the Theater, Ballroom or Quarry booths or are asking for the portable sound system, you will be required to have a tech.

If tech assistance is requested (a tech should be scheduled 1/2 hour prior to the start of the event):

Tech arrival time am pm

Tech ending time am pm

Please remember that this is only a request. Wait for your confirmation which will be sent to the E-mail address provided. Please note that it may take up to 3 working days to receive your confirmation.

CATERING POLICY:  In accordance with the contract signed between St. Cloud State University and Sodexo, there will be no food and beverage in Atwood Memorial Center in reservable meeting rooms, lounges or on the adjacent malls, unless purchased through or prepared by Sodexo.  Food service arrangements can be made by contacting Catering at 320-308-4295.  The charge for not using Sodexo food service may result in a charge of up to $500.


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