Promotional Space

KiosksOn-Campus Organization or Department


Kiosk, Table, and Mall space for on-campus student organizations and departments are to made through Virtual EMS.


Flag Pole

If you need to reserve the flag pole, reservations can be made here: Flag Pole


Off-Campus Vendor

Reservation requests available for off-campus groups only:


See Promotional Space Procedures for Student Organizations and Campus Departments for more general guidelines.

See Promotional Space Guidelines for Off-Campus Vendors for more general guidelines.

See Advertising/Posting/Flag Pole for guidinelines on how to advertise for your event.

See Atwood Maps for all floor plans and room diagrams.


Size Promotional Table Space

Tables: 10' x 10' area (maximum of three tables) - If you wish to bring in your own display set, it must be kept within the space you are assigned. There are six table areas available.

Kiosk: Kiosks are 4 x 2 1/2 feet with one shelf, two stools and a clip in the front for a poster. There are six kiosks available.

Mall: 10' x 10' area - Atwood will provide up to three six-foot tables and three chairs for each space reserved. If you are interested in a specific area on the Mall, you should note your preference when you make your request.


Off-Campus Vendor

Kiosks: $40.00 per day
Main Lounge: $80.00 per day
Mall space: $80.00 per day

Student Organizations and University Departments

No charge

For a more detailed explanation of charges for the use of Atwood's facilities, see: Space Use Policies

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