Kiosk Reservation Request Form

If the reservation request is within the next 2 working days please submit your request below and follow up via a phone call to Kathy McLeod at (320) 308-2905.

Kiosks are 4 x 2 1/2 feet with one shelf, two stools and a clip in the front for a poster.

Off-Campus Groups

Please refer to Promotional Space Policies and Procedures for Off-Campus Vendors.

Put a check mark next to your preference. Please see Main Lounge diagram for layout of kiosks.  Please note that this is a request only.  If the kiosk requested is not available, you will be assigned the next closest kiosk. See Sodexo immediately if you need food or beverage for your event. 

Kiosk #1
Kiosk #2
Kiosk #3
Kiosk #4
Kiosk #5 (no power)
Kiosk #6 (no power)

Do you need a TV/VCR?     Yes     No
Do you need a TV/DVD Player?     Yes     No
Do you need an electrical outlet?     Yes    No

Person requesting the kiosk
Name of instructor if this is a class project
Email address
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Phone Number
Company Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Position held in your organization
Date(s) Needed
Times Needed Starting at am pm
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Please give a very specific description of what you plan to do:
Any other needs?


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