Flag Pole Reservation Request Form

If the reservation request is within the next 2 working days please submit your request below and follow up via a phone call to Kathy McLeod at (320) 308-2905.


For all rules regarding the display of flags, please note Atwood's Flag Pole Usage Policy.

Person requesting the flagpole
Email address
(enter only 1 address)
Phone Number
Position held in your organization
SCSU recognized organization or AMC department name
Note: Up to two (2) flags may be on the pole for your reservation.
Explanation of flag(s) (needed so that AMC staff can answer questions about flag(s))
Note: Booking time periods will be (Monday-Thursday) and(Friday-Sunday). Only two (2) bookings at a time can be in the reservation system for any semester.
Your "organization" or department on-campus mailing address

Please remember that this is only a request, we cannot guarantee this request. Wait for your confirmation which will be sent to the E-mail address submitted above. Please note that it may take up to 3 working days to receive your confirmation.


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