Digital Signage Monitors

Date Revised: August, 2014

Digital Signage is a service provided to SCSU registered student organizations and university departments to promote upcoming events and to share information with the SCSU community.

Atwood scheduling staff will help post your content to the following networked digital signage monitors located in the following areas:  Atwood Memorial Center, Garvey Commons, and Stewart Hall.  It will also be included on Campus TV Channel 8, and the Residence Halls network.

Digital Signage Slide Creation Guide

1. Organizations are responsible for creating the slide for display.

2. Advised to keep text down to a minimum as the slide will only be displayed for 10 seconds.

3. Slides should be at a maximum of 781 x 541 and in LANDSCAPE mode.

4. Design assistance for the creation of proper slide/poster, can be requested from the Atwood   graphic design team at:  or call at 320.308.3759.

5. Slides must be saved as a .jpeg image.

6. Expiration date for the slide display must also be submitted.  Please specify on the submission when the slide is no longer to be displayed (save slide as: name of image with the expiration date of display.)

7. Messages that promote events at bars, or promote alcoholic beverages or tobacco products will not be allowed, and all other campus advertising policies must be adhered to.

8. Advertised events, programs, and services must be open to the entire SCSU community.

9. Due to space/time limitations, messages promoting weekly or monthly meetings will not be permitted.

10. The finished slide and expiration date of posting should be submitted to Atwood scheduling:

11. Please state "Digital Signage" in the heading of the e-mail Subject heading.   An e-mail response will be sent once the submitted information has been posted to the Digital Signage System.


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