Digital Signage

Date Revised: August, 2014

Digital Signage is a service provided to campus organizations and departments across campus to promote upcoming events and to get critical information to the SCSU community.

Atwood can post your content to the following digital signage TV's located in the following areas: Atwood Memorial Center, Garvey Commons, and Stewart Hall. We will additionally post it to Campus TV Channel 8 and the residence halls.

Digital Signage Guide

1. You are responsible for creating your own slide for display.

2. Keep text down to a minimum as the slide will only be displayed for 10 seconds.

3. Your slide should be at a maximum of 781 x 541 and in LANDSCAPE mode.

4. If you need assistance in designing a proper slide/poster, you can contact the Copies Plus Design Team at: or call them at 320.308.3759.

5. Your slide must be saved as a .jpeg image.

6. Please specify on your submission when the slide is no longer to be displayed (save as name of image with the final date it is no longer to be displayed).

7. Messages that promote events at bars or promote alcoholic beverages will not be allowed.

8. Advertised events must be open to all the SCSU community.

9. Due to space/time limitations, messages promoting weekly or monthly meetings will not be permitted.

10. Please submit your finished slide/poster to:

11. Please state "Digital Signage" in the heading of your e-mail. An e-mail will be sent back to you letting you know once your information has been posted to the Digital Signage System.



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