Audio/Video Resources & Assistance


Portable AV Equipment List

The following equipment can be rented out for use in Atwood. When completing your reservation form, you may specify one or more of the following items:


CD Player Music Stands
Data Projector (Sony Cart #1) Overhead Projector
Data Projector (Eiki Cart #2) Piano (Electric)
Data Projector (Eiki Cart #3) Piano (Grand)
Document Camera  Piano (Upright)
Easels Projection Screens
Magnetic Sign Holders Podium
Flip Charts Podium (table top)
IP Phone Podium (self-contained)
IPod Docking Station Portable Sound System
Keyspan/Laser Pointer Slide Projector
Microphones (Wireless) TV/DVD
Microphones (Corded) Portable Whiteboards
Microphone Stands

IPod Docking Station

IPod Docking Station

  • Compatible with all ipod/iphone generations (except 5th generation);
  • Remote is included
  • AM/FM radio
  • Aux and DC IN 7.5 input
  • Checkout with ID from Atwood Administration Office #110.


CD PlayerCD Player

  • Can be checked out with your student ID from the Information Desk.
  • 2 available



Data Projector (Sony Cart - Cart #1)Data Projector (Sony)

  • Sony projector with HP laptop operating Windows 7.  DVD and small external speakers.  CD and DVD.  Built in wireless card.  (Checkout with ID from Atwood Administration Office #110).
  • 1 available

Data Projector (Eiki Cart - Cart #2)Eiki Cart

  • Eiki projector with HP Laptop operating Windows 7.  Interchangeable CD or floppy drive. Built in wireless card. (Checkout with ID from Atwood Administration Office #110).
  • 1 available


Data Projector (Eiki Cart - Cart #3)

  • Eiki projector with HP laptop operating Windows 7, CD and DVD.  Built in wireless card.  (Checkout with ID from Atwood Administration Office #110).
  • 1 available


Document CameraDocument Camera

  • For projecting documents that are not in transparency form (used with data projector).
  • 2 available (one is stored in Cascade and the other can be moved from room to room - check out with ID from Atwood Administration Office #110))




  • 29 available (can reserve up to 20)
  • 9 gray easels (not shown)




Magnetic Sign Holders Magnetic Sign Holders

  • 29 available (used for directional signage)

The magnetic sign holders are not able to be reserved but are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Please stop by the Atwood Administration #110 Office to pick up a magnetic sign holder(s) if needed.


Flip ChartsFlip Charts

  • 5 available






IP PhoneIP Phone

  • Speaker phone that can be used anywhere there is an Ethernet connection.  (Checkout with ID from Atwood Administration Office #110). 
  • 3 available



Keyspan/Laser Pointer Keyspan

  • Can be used to remotely advance Powerpoint presentations. It also can be used as a laser pointer. (Checkout with ID from Atwood Administration Office #110)
  • 5 available



Microphones (Wireless) Handheld Microphone

  • Handheld or lapel microphone that can be used with portable sound system or any room with a voice reinforcement system (rooms that have a built-in sound system that these can be used in are: Voyageurs, Glacier, Cascade, Theater, Ballroom, Brickyard and the Quarry). If you need a portable sound system, it will require a tech.
  • 4 handheld available
  • 2 lapel availableLapel Microphone






Microphones (Corded)

  • Vocal Microphone (SH 58)
  • 17 available
  • Instrument/Vocal Microphone (SH 57)
  • 6 Available
  • Condenser (P81)
  • 2 available




Microphone StandsMic Stand Standard



  • 18 standard microphone stands










 Boom Mic Stand

  • 6 Boom microphone stands











Music StandsMusic Stand

  • 9 available





Overhead ProjectorOverhead Projector

  • Used for presentations with transparencies.
  • 2 available





Piano - Electric Electric Piano

  • 1 available







Piano - Grand Grand Piano

  • 1 available (can only be used on 2nd floor)





Piano - Upright Upright Piano

  • 1 available






Projection ScreensProjection Screens

  • 4 available






  • 3 available





Podium (table top)Table top podium

  • 8 available





Portable Sound SystemPortable Sound System

  • Advance sound system designed to amplify music or voice.  System includes microphones, amplifiers, speakers, and monitors.  (Atwood Tech required and charges are $10.00/hr for the tech).
  • 1 available



Self-Contained PodiumSelf Contained Podium

  • Podium with built-in amplifier and speaker.  Designed for groups to 75 people in rooms without a voice reinforcement system.
  • 1 available



Slide ProjectorSlide Projector

  • Used to show 35mm slides. (Wireless remote control available)
  • 2 available



Flat Screen TV/VCR/DVDTV DVD Cart

  • Flat screen television with VCR/DVD on AV cart.  (All 5 have DVD players. Two have VCR's as well ).  Please specify if you need a cart with a DVD & VHS player. 
  • 5 available


  • There is a TV/VCR/DVD that is available as well that is on a cart but it is not a flat screen


Portable WhiteboardsWhiteboards

  • 3 available


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