Atwood Memorial Center Promotional Space Policies and Procedures

Date Revised: August, 2014

For Off Campus Vendors

Promotional spaces serve a dual purpose by allowing student promotions and sales while also allowing non-university commercial and non-profit vendors to provide valued services to students. Atwood Memorial Center (AMC) will not allow the sales or distribution of products that promote violations of University policies, state or federal laws and university contracts. Specific items that are prohibited in the promotional spaces include: accessories or items that promote alcohol or tobacco use, credit card or debit card sign up, except for those situations where the card is provided as an incidental service to a product or service (i.e. phone calling cards). Vendors may be asked to remove items not listed in their vendor application. Per MNSCU policy, Atwood does not permit an outside entity to hold a raffle on university property.

Anyone using promotional space is required to stay behind the table/kiosk when distributing material or recruiting. No excessive noise is allowed. AMC reserves the right to make changes to accommodate the specific needs of its customers. All parties and their members reserving space at St. Cloud State University must comply with the regulations governing the campus. Any client or individual who violates campus policies may be denied the right to schedule space for future activities.

Atwood Memorial Center (AMC) has three kinds of promotional spaces available. Please submit your reservation request at least two weeks before the day of your event, with payment made within 5 business days.

Kiosks are $40 per day. They are 4 x 2 1/2 feet with one shelf, two stools and a clip in the front for a poster.

Main Lounge space is $80 per day. Table space is approximately 10' x 10' and can accommodate up to three 6' tables. If you wish to bring in your own display set, it must be kept within the space you are assigned.

Mall space is $80 per day for a space approximately 10' x 10'. Atwood Memorial Center will provide up to three six-foot tables and three chairs for each space reserved. If you are interested in a specific area on the Mall, you should note your preference when you make your request. Mall space will not block sidewalks, entrances, the handicap ramp, or the Mall Front Porch. Driving on the Mall is not permitted unless arrangements are made ahead of time. Indoor space cannot be guaranteed when the weather is not conducive to outdoor events. Please keep this in mind when reserving space.


To make reservation requests:

  • Fill out an on-line request for a kiosk, table or mall space;
  • Stop in the AMC #110 office and fill out a promotional space request form;
  • Call (320) 308-INFO (4636), or
  • Send an e-mail message to

Please include the following information in your request:

  • Your business and business street address
  • Your name and what your position is
  • Date and time needed
  • E-mail address
  • Give a very specific description of what you plan to do or what product(s) you intend to sell
  • Number attending
  • Setup required

Space can be requested up to a year in advance. Payment must follow within five business days of the date the reservation is taken. All payments must be made prior to setting up.

Failure to notify the scheduling office of a cancellation at least five business days before the reservation will result in charges for the space. This invoice must be paid before you will be allowed to reschedule in AMC again. The rental fee is non-refundable. Rescheduling can be done if Atwood is notified at least five business days prior to your reservation date. This rescheduling will be at no additional charge.

Atwood Memorial Center does provide overnight storage if it is arranged in advance. You will be charged a $25.00 fee to store in a locked space, but AMC will not be responsible for security or damage. Items left behind will be discarded.


Please check in with the receptionist in AMC room #110 before setting up in your assigned space. If you are on the Mall, please let the receptionist know when you are finished so that the tables and chairs can be brought back into the building.


Pease refer to the following:



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