Grill Procedures


The Atwood gas grill can only be reserved for events held on the Atwood mall and is restricted to student organization fundraisers on class days and to food service.  The grill should be reserved at the time the reservation for the mall is submitted and a Food Event Application Form needs to be completed as well for Sodexo.  A flat fee of $15.00 per day will be charged per grill reservation to cover the cost of the propane gas.  Please be aware that the MN Department of Revenue requires that sales tax be collected on all food sales.  See the Food Sale Fundraising Form/Procedure form.

For liability concerns, an Atwood employee will be required to light the grill.  The Atwood employee that is assigned to unlock and light the grill must also check and insure that there is at least an inch of water in the drip pans.

All food must be provided by Sodexo.  Prices for cookout events can be found here. Sodexo will also provide the necessary cooking utensils.  Proper food handling procedures must be followed.  A copy of these requirements will be provided at the time the reservation is made and when the grill is to be checked out for use. The catering department will provide you with a Grill Kit and spray bottle with the rental of a grill

Cancellations/No Shows

Groups failing to cancel a grill reservation at least one week in advance will receive a warning after the first infraction and a $25 penalty for each time thereafter. To cancel a reservation, stop in the scheduling office (Atwood 110) or call (320) 308-2905 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Frequent last-minute cancellations or non-use of reserved facilities will affect a group's ability to make future reservations and may result in a fee.


Important Grilling Information for Spring Semester 2014

Student Registered Organization –

There are a few things I would like to make you aware of for your spring grilling season. Please share with members that will assist with grilling.

  • Sodexo will allow for the 2014 Spring Semester the ability for student organizations to either purchase or receive donated coke beverages for sale during their grilling fundraisers on the mall.

Please direct any questions regarding this policy to Kathy McLeod in Atwood Administration 110.

  • Atwood will again provide a beverage cooler, meat cooler and a cash box. If your group has consecutive dates, you may check out the coolers for your entire reservation. Otherwise coolers and cash box are checked out daily. You will then need to work with Sodexo to store remaining meat products during your reservation (see policy below). Atwood will not provide storage for beverages or misc. items for grilling. Please order just what is needed for your event. You may talk with Catering (308.4295) about ordering more products when needed. This will make your storage of products a little easier.

       Sodexo’s Cookout Food Storage Policy

  •  Sodexo will allow groups who purchase food through Sodexo for the purpose of cookouts on campus to store leftover meat products in one of two coolers in Atwood Memorial Center. Groups will be able to keep the leftovers in our coolers for 2 days after the event. It will then be that group’s responsibility to come pick up their food during the 2 day period. If failure to pick up the leftovers during that 2 day period occurs Sodexo will dispose of the leftovers with no refund credited to the group. If extended storage is required this will need to be approved by the Sodexo Catering office in writing with a signature from both parties. Once the leftovers are removed after the 2 days from the Sodexo coolers the products are not allowed to be brought back on campus for use.

Disclaimer to add to AMC Grilling information packet

Please note: Beginning Spring Semester 2014 Coca-Cola products received from the

St. Cloud State University Viking Coke Initiative Fund CANNOT BE used for re-sale.

This policy directly includes efforts to fundraise utilizing the Atwood Memorial Center grill.

These products are accessed through the Viking Coke Initiative Fund application process, and are intended to support campus-wide efforts to serve students while impacting University initiatives.




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