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Student Employee WhyBook

Why In The World Should I Read This WHYBook?

The Whybook answers  questions you may have during your employment with Atwood Memorial Center.  The WhyBook also offers a look at the history, philosophy, and culture of the place where you’ll be spending a significant amount of time…your student union.

The WhyBook also offers some insights on why the Atwood Memorial Center operates the way it does.  As an Atwood employee, you’ll be introduced to a variety of policies and practices that help us thrive as an organization. This WhyBook offers a rationale for the way we do things. We also hope this WhyBook serves as a beginning in your own learning and questioning as an Atwood employee. One of our organization’s values is that employees feel comfortable to question, contribute, and suggest improvements. Almost all of the improvements Atwood has benefited from came about because someone asked “WHY?”

The WhyBook is a learning tool for you to utilize during your Atwood employment. It’s one of many learning opportunities you will encounter as an Atwood employee. Employee training, staff meetings, operations manuals, and evaluations are other tools which will not only contribute to your success as an Atwood employee, but also provide you with valuable lifelong skills.



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