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Each fall, the full-time staff and all student employees participate in training sessions.  During this training, information is provided on specific job responsibilities, staff expectations, and Atwood procedures/policies.  When staff are hired mid-year, the employee’s supervisor conducts individual training to prepare the employee for working in their area.

To further your personal/professional development, Atwood employees are encouraged to take advantage of workshops and training sessions sponsored by the Department of Campus Involvement, Career Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, academic departments, and other groups on campus. 

Work areas also may have at least one mandatory all-staff meeting each semester.

Customer Service Training

All employees are required to complete customer service training by attending a mandatory workshop held within the first semester of their employment.  This may include an online component that the student will complete within their first two weeks of training and then a group workshop where there will be interactive activities and discussions about the customer service experience.

Data Privacy Training

All employees are required to complete the MnSCU Data Privacy training through D2L Brightspace   Several positions in Atwood have access to information that may be declared confidential.   Any confidential information may not be shared with anyone other than a supervisor.  During your orientation with the Office Manager in Atwood Administration, you will be given instructions on how to access the Data Privacy training.  If you have any problems with accessing, please see the Office Manager immediately.

Building Assistant (BA) Program

In addition to the primary work area, students in all positions will be scheduled as BAs as follows:

Service Center, The Underground, DCI Front Desk- 80 hours over two semesters

Service Center Managers, Office Assistants, Atwood Graphic Designers, Technicians, DCI Graphic Designers, Underground Managers- 15 hours over one semester

BA duties may include vacuuming, washing windows, emptying trash, and stocking rest room supplies.  Failure to meet the requirements of the BA position will result in termination of your employment with Atwood Memorial Center.  BA hours are optional after an employee has participated for one year and a minimum of 80 hours.

Pay Increases

Throughout your employment in Atwood, you will have the opportunity to receive an increase in your wage.  These increases are dependent on several factors: (1) you have successfully completed training for your position, (2) your supervisor believes you are successfully meeting the requirements and expectations of the position, (3) you have completed the minimum required BA hours, and (4) you have successfully completed Customer Service Training.

Your work area supervisor may complete a training assessment with you in order to receive a pay increase.  This assessment will vary amongst the work areas and is at the discretion of the work area supervisor.

Performance Evaluations

At least once per year, your supervisor will have you complete a performance evaluation.  The focus of this evaluation is YOU, as an individual.  The evaluations will focus on your specific job performance and also about your learning and development as a student of SCSU.

Why Do We Do This?

First of all, we want you to be successful throughout your time at SCSU and employment in Atwood.  Evaluations provide a comparison of actual on-the-job performance to established standards and expectations.  They help identify employee skills and needs.  Evaluations also identify areas for growth in the areas of Atwood’s Student Employment Learning Outcomes and recognize your strengths as an employee so you are better able to market yourself for future careers.

What should I expect?

The goal of an evaluation is to share honest, constructive feedback between employees and supervisors.  The evaluations used within Atwood Memorial Center are designed to be a two-way conversation.  You will have the opportunity to not only give yourself a fair evaluation, but also discuss the areas of the evaluation with your supervisor.  Your individual area may have additional components to add to the standard evaluation.  When you hear and read feedback from your supervisor, don’t be afraid to ask questions and clarify comments.

Our goal as a member of the Atwood staff is to help you develop and grow as a person, a student and an employee while at St. Cloud State University.  


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