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The History of Atwood Center

More than 12,000 people a day pass through Atwood, thousands of meetings take place under this roof in a year, and our central location on the campus makes us a gathering place for both commuting and residential students.

Atwood Memorial Center, which opened its doors to the public in 1966, is named for Allen A. Atwood, one of the many people who originally recognized the need for an alternative to the environment provided by classrooms, libraries and residence halls.  A bronze statue of Mr. Atwood by sculptor Otto Dahlmann was donated by the Atwood family and is on display on the main floor.

Our role as the heart and soul of the university depends almost totally on our ability to continue to service SCSU’s social, cultural, and co-curricular needs.  This ability to serve depends on the quality and motivation of our employees.  Everyone here at Atwood, from full-time staff to the student employee, has the obligation to provide the best possible service.

On the following pages is the information that will help us all consistently and efficiently serve the guests of Atwood.  The information is, by necessity, only the skeleton of what you will eventually know as most of the training is on the job.

Finally, be aware that there is very little in Atwood that is unchangeable.  This is not only your place of employment, this is your student union, and we welcome and encourage your recommendations for improvement.

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