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Atwood is more than a building, it is also a business. For this reason, it is important that we are offering the best service possible for our customers.

Atwood Memorial Center is a place where community is built and nurtured.  Atwood employees play an important role in creating an environment where all feel welcomed and appreciated.

Each and every day, customers are forming impressions about Atwood Memorial Center and St. Cloud State University by the service they receive from you. Such “moments of truth” could be getting a copy made at Copies Plus, going bowling in The Underground, or attending an event within Atwood.  

Providing great customer service takes daily commitment. You were hired as an Atwood employee because the selection team believed that you have a desire to help others. Sometimes when you are stressed, having a bad day, or would rather be doing something other than work, it can be difficult to provide great service. Here are some helpful tips in remembering that great service starts with you.

A large part of customer service is the way that you greet a customer in person or over the phone.  This is your first chance to portray Atwood Memorial Center and SCSU in a professional manner.  Remember:  YOU represent Atwood and St. Cloud State University while at work. 

Try to assist the customer as much as possible.  If you do not know the answer to a question, help the customer with giving them resources to where they can get the answer.

Telephone Procedures

Be friendly, courteous, and informative.  When answering the phone, you should always include the following:

  • Greeting (Good morning/afternoon/evening)
  • Place of work (Atwood Memorial Center/The Underground/Copies Plus)
  • Your name

So, for example, you should say: “Good morning, Atwood Memorial Center, Emily speaking”


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