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Student Employment

Welcome to Atwood Memorial Center!  As an employee, you have a unique opportunity to gain new skills, meet a variety of interesting people and earn money to assist you with your educational expenses.

Atwood Memorial Center is an important campus facility serving a special mission in the university community. As the gathering place of the campus, we are here to provide a wide range of programs and services to students, faculty, staff and the community. Our mission is to meet the social, cultural, and co-curricular needs of all.

As both a student and an employee, you have many opportunities to influence the mission and direction of Atwood. Please feel free to give me your ideas and suggestions on how we can better serve you and our guests.

Have a great year!

Matt Trombley
Associate Director, Atwood Memorial Center

Online Community Forum

All employees of Atwood Center are encouraged to participate in the online community forum. Here you will find information about upcoming trainings, social events, and discussion from your co-workers and Atwood staff! It is our way to keep "Creating a Student-Centered Community!"

Current Vacancies


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Why Book

View Atwood's Student Employee WhyBook to prepare yourself as an Atwood employee.



On-line Training


How to access Security Awareness Training on D2L Brightspace

  • NOTE** In order to have access to this training you must make sure that the Office Manager has given your name to the Computer Center.  Once the Office Manager has been notified that you have been given access to the training please follow the steps below:
  • Go to the SCSU website (
  • Click on the Current Students tab on the left hand side of the screen
  • Click on the D2L Brightspace link on the left hand side of the screen
  • Login on the right hand side of the screen – Use your StarID (this is the same ID and password that you use to access your email)
  • Now you will be looking at all of the courses that you have taken at SCSU that have used D2L Brightspace - You should see a bolded tab that says Semesterless
  • Click the + sign to the left of the word Semesterless
  • Click on the link that is now available that says: Security Awareness (Courses 1-3): Public Jobs - Private Data
  • Now follow the steps provided on the screen and go through three different security awareness courses.


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