Atwood Art Collection

Art collection - Click for a comprehensive List (PDF)Atwood has had an ongoing program of acquiring art since it opened its doors in the mid-1960's. Like most student centers, Atwood views art as an integral part of its educational and aesthetic mission. More than 10,000 people pass through Atwood daily, making it an ideal setting to share the works of many talented artists.

How large is the collection?

Atwood proudly displays a collection of more than 200 permanent artworks as well as several pieces on loan. Many of these artworks have been purchased with budgeted Atwood dollars and many have been generously donated.

Who decides what is in the collection?

The Atwood Permanent Art Collection Committee is made up of art faculty, students, staff, and community members who enjoy art. The committee's goal is to purchase and accept donations from students, faculty, alumni, and local artists. New members are always welcome on the committee.

For more information or to become involved:

Please stop by the Atwood Administration Office in Room #110 or call 320-308-2905.

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