Customer Comments

Step #1

Do you have a suggestion, comment, complaint or compliment? We would love to hear from you. We are committed to providing quality services, wheather they are students, staff, faculty or visitors, and it is our aim to continuously improve the quality of service by listening and responding to your suggestions, complaints and comments. Your suggestions are important and can have a valued and positve impact on the future of Atwood.  Please take a moment to share your feelings and ideas with us. 

What will happen to my comments?

Your comments will be reviewed by Atwood Memorial Center Council (an advisory board for the Atwood director made up of students, faculty and staff) and by Atwood Memorial Center management. Feedback is sent to the reporting party when possible.

Food service comments will also be reviewed by the food service staff.

How do I make comments?

Simply complete our on-line form for either a service or food area at:

There are also hard copy comment cards and comment card boxes located around many of the service areas in the building.

Step #2

What if my complaint was not resolved using the above procedure?

If there was no satisfactory outcome using the process outlined above or you would prefer not to use the informal process outlined above as it may be inappropriate for your situation, you can submit a request to the Atwood Memorial Center Director by using the Atwood Director Formal Complaint Form.

Step #3

What if my complaint was not resolved by the Atwood Memorial Center Director?

If you have contacted the Atwood Memorial Center director using the complaint form outlined above and still do not have a satisfactory outcome, you can use the Student Life and Development Grievance Form to submit to Student life and Development (SLD) for resolution which will be reviewed by the Student Life and Development Vice President.


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