About Atwood

Otto Dallmann, Bust of Allen A. AtwoodAtwood Memorial Center, which opened its doors to the public in 1966, is named for Allen A. Atwood, one of the many people who originally recognized the need for an alternative to the environment provided by classrooms, libraries and residences. A bronze bust of Mr. Atwood by sculptor Otto Dallmann was donated by the Atwood family and is on display on the main floor.

More than 11,000 people a day pass through Atwood, thousands of meetings take place under this roof in a year, and our central location on the campus makes us a gathering place for both commuting and residential students.

Atwood's Mission

Atwood Memorial Center is the community center of the university, serving students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests. It enhances community life and academic programs through a comprehensive program of activities, events, services and facilities. Atwood Memorial Center serves as a unifying force honoring each individual, valuing diversity and fostering a sense of community that cultivates student-centerdness and enduring loyalty to St. Cloud State University.


  • Atwood Memorial Center will be one of the leading student centers in the country for comparable universities.
  • It will be known for excellence in providing cultural, social, intellectual and recreational programs to enhance the educational experience and promote understanding of cultural diversity.
  • The programs and amenities offered to the university and other organizations and individuals will be instrumental in increasing a greater sense of community and service.
  • Through incorporation of leading edge technology and leadership and service opportunities, Atwood Memorial Center will enhance students' knowledge and skills while helping them train for leadership in our democracy.
  • The center will continue to build its comprehensive program within a framework that is very responsive to student needs while utilizing creative solutions that will allow it to move toward fiscal self-sufficiency.
  • The center's facilities and services will create a welcoming environment that reflects the changing needs of the campus community.

Individual and Group Use
Atwood Memorial Center Activities, Services, and Facility

Individuals and groups invited to use the activities, services, and facility of Atwood Memorial Center includes:

  • Currently registered St. Cloud State University students, with current identification, and their guests.
  • All student organizations registered with Student Activities and their guests.
  • Faculty and Staff members of the University, with current identification, and established Faculty and Staff organizations and their guests
  • General Public may use the Union facility to the extent that such use does not interfere with the use of the Union by the members of the University community. Accordingly, the Director or her/his designee may, at her/his discretion, limit general public use of the Union at any given time.
  • Guests of the Union shall be limited to the use of the facility accommodating the function to which they have been invited, and other general public facilities and services.
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