Tk20: Webinars

Each semester Tk20 provides a series of webinars on standard and upgraded system functions.


Functionality Spotlight on LMS Integration

Presenter: Monica Joy Defendorf, Tk20 Assessment & Accreditation Consultant and Customer Solutions Advocate

This presentation provides an overview and demonstration of LMS integration available in Tk20's newest release. Tk20 can integrate with any LTI certified Learning Management System platform including Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, and Sakai. In this webinar, you will learn about the benefits of this approach and how it can help streamline the process for students submitting assignments and faculty evaluating key assessments. The webinar will close with a time of Q&A.

Recording of Webinar


Functionality Spotlight on Accreditation Management

Presenter: Sara Martin & Dana Krauss, Tk20 Customer Solutions

This presentation provides an overview and demonstration of the new accreditation management functionality within Tk20. Easily follow established workflows to prepare for your program or institution’s next accreditation visit. Use regional and programmatic accreditation templates to setup and monitor data collection and attach evidence directly to key sections of the report. Foster collaboration with chairs and committee members, send notifications of important dates, receive status updates, and track important changes throughout the preparation process. Once the report is complete, simply share it via Word, PDF, or a hyperlink with the accreditation review team and other stakeholders. The webinar will close with time for Q&A.


Thursday, April 17th, 1pm CDT

On Campus: Thursday, April 17 at 1pm CDT, AS 101 Conference Room


Streamlining Course-Based Assessments: Reviewing New and Improved Student Submission Options

In the latest version of Tk20, administrators now have more options for specifying student submission types such as file uploads, text entry, and the completion of specific artifacts. This online training session will review these new options and illustrate the improved workflow for administrators, students, and faculty.

Tuesday, April 29 10:00AM CDT

Thursday, May 8

On Campus: April 17 at 10-11am CDT, AMC Primrose


What's New in Faculty Qualifications?

Tk20 partner institutions now have increased flexiblity in the Faculty Qualifications module including modifying visiblity of default categories. In addition, additional options have been developed for listing authors in publications. This online training session will review these new features along with a new faculty activity report.

Wednesday, April 16

Wednesday, April 30, 2:00PM CDT
On Campus: April 30 at 2-3pm CDT, MC 114


What's New in Field Experience?

Tk20 now offers a variety of enhancements relating to the field experience functionality including selective release dates of field experience forms, enhanced search options for administrators, direct lines of communication between field experience assessors, and easy access for external assessors via email. This training session will provide an overview of these new features in the current version of Tk20.
Thursday, May 1, 2:00PM CDT

Thursday, May 6
On Campus:May 1 at 2-3pm CDT, AS 101 Conference Room


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