Guidelines for Program Assessment: Audiences

Who are the audiences to whom the plan is to communicate?

  1. What kind of message statement would you give to each audience?
  2. What medium would you use to transmit the message?

The audience statement identifies the people you plan to communicate with about the assessment results, recognizing that

  • different audiences require different assessment information
  • different audiences require different forms of communication.

The message statement describes how you are going to use the assessments to improve. You may use different messages for different audiences.

The medium statement lists what kinds of verbal and visual media are available for communicating the results of your assessments. Remember:

  • two-way communication is superior to one-way 
  • timeliness of communication is critical to improvement.

Some Examples of Messages and Media for Selected Audiences

Audience Accrediting association team of visitors (programmatic or regional)
Message We regularly assess student learning and use that information for program. improvement.
Medium Self-study reports, program assessment plans, data collected and analyzed, resource room of documented evidence of the process of assessment, yearly assessment report, SCSU's institutional assessment plan, SCSU's strategic plan, visitation teams from accrediting agencies, curriculum committee, Assessment Office


Audience Prospective students, parents, recruiting for students, other universities
Message We regularly measure student learning and use the information to improve student learning and to improve programs.
Medium Brochures, student handbooks, reports (implies higher quality students being admitted to SCSU)


Audience Current students
Message We regularly measure student learning and use the information to improve student learning and to improve programs.
Medium Advising, mentoring, focus groups, email


Audience Faculty
Message We have ongoing assessment to improve student learning, enhance program development, and contribute to teaching innovativeness.
Medium Assessment Office, Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence, faculty satisfaction surveys, colloquia, faculty workshops, convocation, faculty development efforts and activities such as, grant writing, etc.


Audience Prospective employers
Message SCSU is better preparing students for the current marketplace, and it continually strives to improve programs.
Medium Advisory boards and councils, mass media


Audience Public
Message SCSU continuously strives to improve programs; SCSU better prepares students for work in the current marketplace.
Medium University and program brochures, Assessment Office, University Public Relations, Faculty Association