The 2009-10 Assessment Grant Program


  • Request for Proposals - more details about the grant application process and who is eligible
  • Application form - download and fill out this form, if you would like to apply for a 2009-10 Assessment Grant
  • Scoring Rubric - will be used to assess the strength of each grant application
  • Report form - must fill out this form either upon completion of the grant study or at the end of the academic year. Duty days will not be paid until this form has been submitted and acknowleged by the Assessment office.

The Assessment Steering Committee is proud to announce the 2009-10 Assessment Grant recipients:


Name Title Amount
William Cook and Matthew Julius Major Field Test for 2010 Biological Sciences Graduates $2,000.00
Catherine Fox and Jamie Heiman Assessment of English Department Graduate Program in Rhetoric and Writing $2,000.00
Sonja Goerdt, Sandra Johnson, and Bishnu Naraine Assessing and Improving Math 193 (Undergraduate Studies Funding) $1999.98
Shawn Jarvis and Isolde Mueller Placement Testing for Foreign Languages $1,618.27
Jason Lindsey Assessing the Political Science Program's Introduction Course on Campus and Online $2,000.00
Janet Salk The Identification and Assessment of Special Education Student Teacher Learner Outcomes Related to Intercultural Competency $1,500.00
Peter Van Mullem Development of the Graduate Sport Management Assessment Plan $1,982.48
Kyle Ward Initiating an Assessment Plan for Social Studies Education and Social Science Program $2,000.00
Carol Gaumnitz and Bruce Gaumnitz Homework Affect on Student Performance in ACCT 291 (Undergraduate Studies Funding) $2,000.00
Christopher Kvaal Increasing the Success of Students in Biology 151 (Undergraduate Studies Funding) $1,450.25
Maureen Tubbiola and Michelle Wagner Sustaining the Biology Tutoring Center (Undergraduate Studies Funding) $1,980.00
Dale Buske and Sue Haller Using Undergraduate Learning Assistants to Redesign Math 193- method one (Undergraduate Studies Funding) $1,200.00
Dale Buske and Sandra Johnson Using Undergraduate Learning Assistants to Redesign Math 193- method two (Undergraduate Studies Funding) $2,000.00
Dale Buske and Bishnu Naraine Using Undergraduate Learning Assistants to Redesign Math 193- method three (Undergraduate Studies Funding) $2,000.00
Laura Sather STAT 193- Statistical Thinking (Undergraduate Studies Funding) $2,000.00


Awards:  The maximum grant is $2,000. A total of $17,500 was available from University Assessment. $13,100.75 was used.

Grant Category three was funded by Undergraduate Studies; there was up to $20,000 available for this category. $14,630.23 was used.