Mini-Grant Recipients - 1998-99

The Assessment Office would like to congratulate the following recipients of Assessment Mini-Grants for 1998-99:

  • Brad Sleeper, Brad Schweiger, Elaine Davis, Cheryl Mitteness, and David Krueger
    College of Business, to assess educational testing service (ETS) business field tests for College of Business graduating seniors.
  • Richard Lavallee, Tamara Leenay, Alison Johnson, Jack Mckenna
    Chemistry, College of Science and Enigineering, to assess the first year chemistry curriculum offered by the Chemistry Department.
  • Melissa Krause, Scott Miller, Margaret Schmidt, and Marcelyn Smale
    Music, College of Fine Arts and Humanities, to develop electronic portfolios for music majors.
  • Kurt Helgeson
    Environmental and Technology Studies, College of Science and Engineering, to develop an assessment  model for technology education majors in environmental and technology studies program.
  • Russell Arent
    English, College of Fine Arts and Humanities, to assess international students’ mastery of the drafting process in college English as a Second Language (ESL) writing.