2015-16 Scholarship Award Recipients

Jay Paul Bell & Julie Kiefer-Bell Art Scholarship
$600        Jonathon Ellig (BFA Integrated Media)

William Ellingson Art Scholarship
$600        Marcos Llanas (BFA Integrated Media)
$600        Brittany Omann (BFA 2D Media)
$600        Khusbu Rai (BFA Integrated Media & Graphic Design)

Ralph Heimdahl Art Scholarship
$600        BrieAnna Lindquist (BFA Graphic Design)
$600        Michael Phillips (BFA 2D Media)
$600        Lindsay Stassen (BFA 2D Media)
$600        Jaclyn Thorston (BFA 2D Media)

Merle Sykora Fine Art Scholarship
$600        Anna Ault (BFA 2D Media)
$600        Emily Brown (BFA 2D Media)    

Nancy Levy Memorial Scholarship in Art History
$600        Felicia Wolters

49th Annual Juried Student Exhibition Awards

Juror's Honorable Mention Awards - Funded by donations from art faculty.
$125; Abdourhamane Diallo
$125; Elizabeth Feldhege
$125; Marlissa Karpeh
$125; Kelsey Schweich
$125; Heather Sissala     

College of Liberal Arts & School of the Arts - Dean's Purchase Awards
$750; Erica Riley, Brew House (triptych), color inkjet on substrate
$500; Marlissa Karpeh, Mama Boy, oil on canvas
$400; Kelsey Schweich, Untitled, oil on masonite
$400; Abdourahamane Diallo, Never Flat, plaster, spray paint, marker
$400; Jaclyn Thorston, Assault on Paper, color pencil

Eligibility Requirements

  1. All art department scholarships apply to SCSU tuition and fees; therefore, applicants must be planning to attend St. Cloud State University and take classes in the Art Department.
  2. Applicants must be admitted to an undergraduate program in the Department of Art at St. Cloud State University (or listed as pre-art).
  3. Applicants must demonstrate a minimum grade point average of 2.50 at the time of application.

Please refer to specific scholarship criteria for additional eligibility requirements.

Announcement of Scholarship Award Winners

Scholarship award winners are announced at the annual student exhibition opening scheduled for 3:00pm on April 15, 2015.

Previous Scholarship Recipients & Student Show Awards

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Current Scholarships

Jay Paul Bell and Julie Kiefer-Bell Art Scholarship

The Jay Paul Bell and Julie Kiefer Bell Art Scholarship is funded by a gift from former art students of the Art Department at St. Cloud State University, where both received their BA and MA degrees. After receiving their MFA degrees from UW-Madison, they moved to Illinois where both taught art; Jay at Northern Illinois University, and Julie at Northern Illinois University and Kishwaukee College.

Eligibility Criteria:
Students must have completed 48 credits by the time the scholarship is received. Also, students must be admitted to an art major and pursuing either a BFA studio art degree with a emphasis in graphic design or another fine arts discipline, or a BA Art Degree or a BS Art Education Degree. Students pursuing a degree in art history are ineligible for this scholarship.

William Ellingson Art Scholarship

The William Ellingson Art Scholarship is funded by a gift from a former Professor of Printmaking at St. Cloud State University. He sponsored international print exhibitions in Scotland, West Germany and Canada, had his own work exhibited in local, regional and national exhibitions, and has work in numerous permanent collections.

Eligibility Criteria:
Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students majoring in art.

Ralph Heimdahl Art Scholarship

The Ralph Heimdahl Art Scholarship is funded by a gift from a former Professor of Art at St. Cloud State University. He was a recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award in 1966. He began the ”Bugs Bunny” comic strip for Warner Brothers and Western Publishing in 1948.

Eligibility Criteria:
Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students (juniors or seniors) majoring in art with an emphasis in drawing.

Nancy Levy Memorial Scholarship in Art History

This scholarship honors former SCSU professor Nancy Levy. Dr. Nancy Levy taught Art History at SCSU from September, 1992 until her passing in 2010. She is fondly remembered as a wonderfully informed and enthusiastic professor. She not only brought her deep knowledge and learning of the subject of Art History to her students, but her joy and delight in imparting this knowledge inspired many to enter the field over the years. It is hoped the scholarship honoring her memory will help enrich the lives of those students who become its future recipients.

Eligibility Criteria:
Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students with an art history major or will have completed at least one upper-division course in art history when the scholarship is disbursed. Students must submit a brief essay expressing their interest in art history and financial need as relates to the cost of pursuing a degree in art (books, art supplies, etc). Priority is given to art history majors but will not exclude non art history majors in the selection process.


May Bowle Art Scholarship

Funds derived from the May Bowle, a charity dance held each Spring at either St. Cloud State University, College of St. Benedict, or St. John’s University. Proceeds from the event go toward fine arts scholarships at the three schools.

Eligibility Criteria:
Scholarships are awarded to undergraduates, incoming freshmen and/or transfer students.

Merle Sykora Art Scholarship

The Merle Sykora Art Scholarship is funded by a gift from a Professor Emeritus of Art at St. Cloud State University. Nationally known for his textiles and weavings, Merle has had over 60 exhibitions and over 40 commissioned pieces. The academic banners used in every undergraduate commencement ceremony at the St Cloud State University campus were designed by Merle. Merle’s interest in the Czech Republic has lasted his entire lifetime. This fund is created in recognition of a career dedicated to advancing the fine arts for the benefit of students at St Cloud State University.

Eligibility Criteria:
Scholarship recipients must have completed the first-year foundations program and are pursuing a degree in BS Art Education, BA in Art, or a BFA in one of the Fine Arts area of emphasis. Students majoring in graphic design or art history are not eligible to apply for this award. Preference will be given to students planning to study through the International Studies program, especially in the Czech Republic.

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